Images of the major fires affecting Australia have moved the world. Currently, the area that remains most affected is in the southeast of the island continent. But in a country 14 times the size of France, there are many areas that have been spared and to which travellers can continue to travel safely. In fact, all international airports are functional. In Australia, tourism is very important to the economy and to help the country cope with the ravages of the fires, it is important that tourists continue to visit, to support the local economy and allow the territory to recover and rebuild the impacted areas. Therefore, anyone planning to travel to Australia in one of the affected areas should continue to keep informed of the situation and postpone the trip rather than cancel it. And to support the country in another way, don't hesitate to make a donation to the charity of your choice. It provides assistance to victims, firefighters and all those who come to the rescue of wildlife. More information on the Tourism Australia website