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The 10 most beautiful cruises

While the health crisis is forcing many trips to be postponed, it is nevertheless not forbidden to think about, or even to start preparing for, future trips that will eventually arrive. And among the means of travel that appeal to a wide audience, there are cruises. Aboard a large liner, a traditional boat, or in a more intimate setting aboard a sailboat or catamaran, cruising allows you to conquer the oceans, the seas and the most beautiful rivers in the world. Life on board has something unique in the world, between the moments spent sunbathing, contemplating the landscapes or taking a dip in the most translucent waters of the globe. There are also the unmissable stopovers on land, to discover the local natural and urban treasures. Le Petit Futé has selected for you the 10 most beautiful cruises for your future escapades.

1- A cruise in the Galapagos

There are several ways to take a cruise in the Galapagos archipelago. It can be done aboard a yacht or a sailboat. It is also possible to be accompanied by a guide, a good way to learn more about the secrets of the archipelago and to discover its hidden treasures. In any case, these volcanic islands located 1,000 km from the Ecuadorian coast are fascinating because of the exploration of mythical places such as the island of Santé Fé, which has one of the most beautiful coves in the archipelago, or the possibility of reaching volcanoes such as the Sierra Negra volcano, on the island of Isabela. The Galapagos, also known as the "Showcase of Evolution", also offers the possibility of contemplating a multitude of species: sea lions, iguanas, birds and centenary tortoises. Moreover, some of them are endemic.

2- A cruise in the fjords of Norway

Cruising is not only synonymous with high temperatures and endless lagoons, it can also take place in the northern seas. Norway is a leading destination in Northern Europe for boarding a ship and taking in the sights throughout your stay. This is because the country has one of the longest coastlines in the world. During the cruise, you have the opportunity to observe the fjords with waterfalls, labyrinths of rocks, glaciers and other large-scale mountains. The cruise also offers you the chance to visit some of Norway's most beautiful towns, such as Bergen and its quays, or Trondheim and its colourful houses. Not forgetting of course the possibility of witnessing the marvellous spectacle of the Northern Lights at nightfall from the deck of the boat

3- A cruise in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the most popular places in the world for people wishing to enjoy a sunny interlude, simply lazing for hours on long white sandy beaches and under coconut trees, and swimming in translucent lagoons. From Saint Lucia to the Bahamas, from Martinique to Trinidad and Tobago, via Guadeloupe, Jamaica and why not the Mexican coast and Miami, this cruise has many surprises in store: stopovers on dream beaches, escapades in the heart of colonial villages, wine tastings, discovery of an ancestral heritage, not forgetting evenings in lively towns.

4- A cruise in the Cyclades

For Europeans, there is no need to go far away to enjoy the pleasure of a sunny cruise. The Greek islands are indeed a real paradise on earth to go from island to island and take the time to observe some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Whether you decide to embark with your family or friends on a sailing boat, or on an imposing liner, a cruise in the Cyclades is an opportunity to criss-cross the Aegean Sea and to stop in its key places such as Santorini and its white villages or Amorgos and its beaches with crystal clear waters. You can also visit Naxos and its impressive sunsets, climb the cliffs of Milos and take the time to party in Mykonos

5- A cruise on the Nile

The Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world, and for lovers of beautiful landscapes and ancient history, a cruise on this river offers lasting memories. On a sailboat or in a boat with 40 to 60 cabins, you can take advantage of the calm waters of the Nile to conquer emblematic places. How can you not be amazed by the beauty of the Egyptian pyramids, Luxor and its heritage,Edfu and its temple of Horus, not forgetting Aswan and its exceptional location at the gateway to the desert? A cruise on the Nile is ideal to slow down time, to live a quiet moment and to dive into the heart of the history of Egypt

6- A cruise to the Grenadines

Back in the Caribbean to focus this time on the exceptional Grenadines. This archipelago, composed of more than 600 islands and cays, stretches over a distance of 100 km between the islands of St. Vincent and Grenada, and also reveals landscapes of breathtaking beauty. The islands of Bequia and Mayreau, the Togago Cays, St. Vincent and its lush vegetation are all places to stop and enjoy the beaches overlooking turquoise waters as well as the preserved nature. A cruise in the Grenadines gives the feeling of being alone in the world, and the best way to travel from island to island is to use a catamaran for a small group stay. You can then let yourself go to the rhythm of the wind, fishing, snorkeling and rum tasting

7- A cruise in French Polynesia

Whether you decide to embark on a large cruise ship, a cargo boat or a private catamaran, a cruise in French Polynesia is bound to leave its mark. The main activity during your stay? The discovery of some of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, and it is certain that you will never tire of it! Moorea, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a and the Marquesas Islands are the destinations that await lovers of marine landscapes. Among the activities to be scheduled to occupy the days: diving, snorkeling, swimming and canoeing. Enough to make you dream and make you want to leave as soon as possible. Not forgetting the encounters with the locals, the parties and the moments to savour the local gastronomy. Happiness along the waves.

8- A cruise in Alaska

For lovers of wide open spaces, but much further north, a cruise in Alaska is a must. Simply because the state located at the extreme north-east of the American continent has a grandiose and fascinating nature. From the boat, you will first enjoy observing the glaciers, fjords, mountains and large coniferous forests. The College Fjord and the Sawyer Glacier are two wonders not to be missed on any pretext during an Alaskan cruise. And then there are also the stopovers on land, to meet the peoples of the Great North, and to discover traditional villages. Wildlife watching is another activity that is sure to impress. Black bears, grizzly bears, deer and other caribou populate the land while whales and orcas swim serenely in the waters.

9- A cruise in New Zealand

Those who have a desire to go to the end of the world and go far, far away, will be delighted with a cruise in New Zealand. In particular, it is very easy to go from one region to another in one day. The cruise offers a variety of experiences for holidaymakers, including learning about Maori culture, seeing endangered species, enjoying culinary experiences and taking in the natural beauty of the Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound fjords. New Zealand has many harbours from north to south, so there's plenty to do. From a stroll through vibrant Auckland to wine tasting in Napier, not forgetting time on the beach in Tauranga

10- A cruise on the Amazon in Brazil

As we have seen with the Nile, the seas and oceans are not the only ones to welcome cruise enthusiasts. In Brazil, a cruise on the Amazon is done on board a traditional boat, comfortable and full of charm, for a moment under the sign of calm and relaxation. This cruise is a great opportunity to get a change of scenery and to get closer to a preserved nature. Indeed, the biodiversity is incredibly rich along the river and the excursions in the jungle during the day allow to contemplate thousands of animal and plant species. The next part of the trip includes the observation of the incredible phenomenon of the "Meeting of the Waters", where the darker Rio Negro meets the lighter Rio Solimões. Finally, the cruise ends with a time in Manaus, an incredible city built in the middle of the jungle.

Why choose Costa Cruises for your next vacation?

If, like many French people, you want to go on vacation and you can't wait any longer, then it's now or never for you to book your next Costa cruise to finally relax and get out of this hellish routine you know from your work. By opting for a cruise with a real tourism professional, you will finally be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Indeed, as you are about to stay on a boat for days on end, we can only recommend that you take care of yourself: some French people have had a very bad experience with cruise ships in the past. But nowadays, with reinforced security measures, there is no longer any risk for all those who have serious questions concerning the viability of a cruise ship: all that remains is for you to make your choice among the different destinations!

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