The 10 must-see attractions of the Czech Republic

If for some years now, partygoers, lovers and adventurers have been discovering Prague and letting themselves be charmed by its unique atmosphere, the rest of the Czech Republic remains unknown. And what a shame! Its architectural and historical richness makes it one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. From Bohemia to Moravia, these are the country's 10 must-see attractions.

N° 10 - Slavkov u Brna or Austerlitz, in the footsteps of Napoleon

This village is symbolic since it saw one of the most important Napoleonic battles take place on December 2, 1805. A small rococo castle and a monument still commemorate this great event today. In early December, Slakov even organizes a historical reconstruction that will allow you to join the Grand Army. An unmissable event for all history buffs!

9 - – Ceský Krumlov, jewel of Bohemia

Located in one of the meanders of the Vltava River, Ceský Krumlov is the perfect place to stroll or enjoy the many activities associated with the river. Floating tires, canoes and kayaks are available for excursions into the wilderness! Don't miss the gardens on the top of the castle hill: they are splendid. Finally, the Czech Republic has some of the most impressive castles, including the 16th century Ceský Krumlov castle

No. 8 - Telc, la belle de Moravie

Located in the middle of hilly landscapes and organized around a long arcaded square, the city of Telc is a small jewel. Its remarkable architecture with its colourful houses and Renaissance castle, has made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A beautiful revenge for the one that had been destroyed by a fire in 1530!

No. 7 - Plzen and its brewery

The Czech Republic is famous for its impressive number of beers - every village would have one! The Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzen enjoys international prestige since it is here that the first blond beers were designed. Visiting it will teach you a lot about the history of this sweet beverage... And tastings are even planned! Also take advantage of your visit to Plzen to visit the old town and the cathedral of Saint-Barthélemy. The view from the top of its bell tower is splendid

No. 6 - Karlštejn and its unmistakable castle

If only one castle in the Czech Republic were to be visited, it would undoubtedly be Karlštejn Castle! Get ready to climb since it was built on several floors, but it's really worth it! With its moats, ramparts and machicolations, it is a jewel of fortified Gothic architecture. It is here that the jewels of the Bohemian crown have been preserved. Young and old alike will be impressed by the discovery of this imposing fortress.

No. 5 - The snows of Sumava

Off the beaten track, the Czech Republic offers unexpected landscapes. Sumava is a mountain range located along the German and Austrian borders. A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, you can discover a luxuriant and protected nature. It is the ideal place to hike through the wide fir forests, discovering glacial lakes and streams. A resourcing place where more than 1,500 km of tourist trails have been laid out

4 - Brnóthe Moravian capital

The second largest city in the country, Brnó is an active and modern city with remarkable and legendary monuments. This is the case with Spilberk Castle. In the past, its dungeons were among the most feared in Europe, and it was here that the famous carbonari - the supporters of Italian Independence - were locked up during the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The visit is scary! Take the opportunity to take a short trip to Macocha Abyss, a 138-metre deep wonder of nature

No. 3 - Kutná Hora, the unexpected

A few kilometres from Prague, this small medieval village is full of surprises. The mining of silver and copper has benefited the entire city, which has become richer and now has architectural jewels. This is the case of the Cathedral of Saint Barbara, dedicated to the patron saint of miners, built in 1530, but if you visit Kutná Hora, it is mainly for the famous ossuary of the funeral chapel of All Saints of the Sedlec cemetery, which is a few kilometres away. The strange furniture made of human bones surprises all visitors. It is the most mystical place in the country, even in Europe!

2 - Olomouc, the baroque pearl

Still unknown, Olomouc will very quickly become one of the highlights of Central Europe, there is no doubt about it. This small town with an impressive architectural heritage - there are no less than 28 churches - surprises by its beauty and dynamism. Quiet and peaceful, it houses the country's second largest university and many notable monuments such as the Holy Trinity Column, listed by UNESCO

No. 1 - Prague, an incomparable capital

Prague has received a lot of praise in recent years, some of which even rank it among the most beautiful capitals in the world, along with Rome and Paris. As you walk through the winding streets of Malá Strana, where the lighting is still provided by old street lamps, you quickly fall under the spell, indeed. By day, in the castle gardens, as well as by night, in the most trendy clubs, the Czech capital seduces all travellers.

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