10 destinations to spend the summer!

If the sun, beach and sun cream don't charm you, this article is made for you! Why not spend your summer at the expense? Away from crowded coastlines and all holidaymakers looking for heat, discover original destinations where summer is mild, or cold! Cross the equator in the winter or discover the Nordic countries, you have only to choose! Petit Smart offers its selection of ideal destinations to spend a summer at cost! 

No. 10 - St. Petersburg and its sleepless nights

Saint-Petersburg, the former capital of imperial Russia, has a unique architecture, the product of Tsar Peter the Great. In summer, the temperatures are very mild but what attracts many curious is especially the sleepless nights. Indeed, from early June to mid-July, the city is always bathed in light since the sun never goes below the horizon! This is an opportunity to enjoy summer longer without suffering from stifling heat

No. 9 - Take a cruise in Antarctica

In 1902, Jean-Baptiste Charcot was the first navigator to organize an expedition there. Since then, Antarctica has made many travellers dream... Ideal for an original and cool summer holiday, this white paradise is home to exceptional fauna and flora: penguins, seals and icebergs are an integral part of the landscape. Many agencies offer all kinds of packages: animal watching, coastal or deep-sea sailing, it's up to you!

N°8 - Edinburgh, city of legend

If you prefer Loch Ness and rain to white sandy beaches and their spray, go to Scotland! Here, the temperature rarely exceeds 20°C and frequent showers give a certain charm to the landscape. Edinburgh, intriguing and romantic, fascinates all visitors. In August, it hosts many festivals that give it an incomparable vitality! The Fringe and Edinburgh Art Festival are among the most renowned and both are dedicated to the performing arts

No. 7 - Helsinki, "the Baltic girl"

Active and modern all year round, Helsinki is transformed when it is bathed in the sun's rays. No, it doesn't snow all year round in Finland! In summer, temperatures remain cool, but it is rarely dark before 11pm! The Helsinki archipelago is made up of 330 islands and to discover them, there is nothing better than a trip to the sea. Pihlajasaari, beloved of the Finns, is ideal for a day at sea!

N°6 - Enjoy the summer ski areas in France

Skiing in France in the middle of August, did you think it wasn't possible? Don't get me wrong! Four ski areas are open in the Alps for ski lovers: Val d'Isère, Tignes, Les 2 Alpes and Alpe d'Huez offer the possibility to go all shuss on a glacier! You can also practice other activities such as hiking, mountain biking... The ideal place to enjoy winter sports... in summer!

No. 5 - The Faroe Islands, a natural paradise

The Faroe Islands, Denmark's northernmost autonomous territory, is an archipelago of 18 islands where nature is still preserved. The colours of the houses contrast with the dark vegetation and offer a sumptuous landscape to visitors who come here. Summer is the ideal time to visit the Faroe Islands, with milder temperatures and more frequent connections between the islands. Here tourism is still very little developed, so it is time to discover them!

No. 4 - Auckland, "the city of sails"

Located on the North Island, Auckland is New Zealand's largest city. Elegant, young and dynamic, it attracts backpackers from all over the world for its quality of life. Bathed on both sides by the Tasman Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is nestled in an exceptional environment where the sea is never far away. The Gulf of Hauraki and its splendid islands are an ideal setting for a cool holiday... but always close to the coast!

3 - Jökulsárlón and its icebergs

If you prefer to see the ice blocks in the sea rather than in your glass, Iceland is the ideal destination for your summer vacation! Jökulsárlón is an unmissable in the country. Its spectacular landscape is made up of icebergs from the Vatnajökull glacier that ran aground on a black sandy beach. You can even see seals swimming freely! The must is to board a boat for a walk in the ice. It's unforgettable!

N°2 - The Svalbard Archipelago and the midnight sun

Halfway between Norway and the North Pole, the Svalbard Archipelago is located in the Arctic Ocean. There is an exceptional fauna and flora, including a few thousand polar bears, whales and gigantic glaciers. Even in the summer, it is possible to ski on them or simply admire them throughout the day... and at night! Here, between April and the end of August, the sun never sets!

N°1 - Ushuaïa, escapade to the end of the world

Located in Patagonia, this immense territory on the South Atlantic tip of the Andes Cordillera, Ushuaïa is the southernmost land in the world. Between mountains and sea, its climate is often windy and rainy, especially from June to September when winter is in full swing. There are many ski areas and it is the starting point for all cruises to Cape Horn. A refreshing and totally exotic holiday!

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