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What to see, what to do Iceland?

The 10 good reasons to go Iceland


There is something for everyone

You can go hiking as well as basking in a hot bath, a country for everyone!


The warm welcome

Despite their apparent "distance", Icelanders show a real sense of welcome.


Fauna and flora

Puffins, foxes, whales... on land and on the water, we meet many animals.


A change of scenery within flying distance

Iceland, it's a 3h30 flight, and little time difference. Accessible and practical!


The Northern Lights

Who doesn't dream of seeing an aurora borealis? In Iceland, the dream is within your reach


Scandinavian architecture

Wood and colors! Walking in Iceland is a real delight for the eyes.


The hot pots

If you're into spa moments, there are many free hot pots in the country


The beauty of the midnight sun

For most of the summer, the sun never sets. Unique to see, and fascinating


Atypical gastronomy

Want to try something unusual? Pheasant shark, lamb's head..., you will be served!


A land of ice and fire

Glaciers, lava fields, mountains, lakes..., there are many landscapes to admire.

What to visit Iceland?


Interview: My Iceland

By Laurianne Miot, author of the guide

Passionate about writing, Laurianne Miot has written several Petit Futé for Lille and the Hauts-de-France region where she is originally from. In love with Iceland, she likes to share her love of the country and its culture. Also travel blogger on the blog "Un pied dans les nuages", she likes to reveal her advices to not miss anything of the must-sees, while discovering local treasures.

See the video of the interview

Good to know to visit Iceland

Timetable Timetable

Generally, the timetable for activities and transport varies between high and low season. For example, the ferry to Viðey runs every day in the summer, while it only runs on weekends in the winter. Make sure you have the right schedule!

Museums and activities open late and close relatively early in Iceland, often from 10am to 5pm. There are however exceptions, like Perlan which opens until 10pm. This limitation does not apply to natural sites which, for the most part, are accessible day and night

To be booked To be booked

If you want to enjoy the Blue Lagoon, you will need to book your time slot before you come

There isno gauge for most of the museums and sites to visit, so no need to book in advance. Also, you can easily book a tour the day before for the next day, or even the same day (e.g. for the Northern Lights hunt)

Budget & Tips Budget & Tips

Many museums offer "several museums in one"passes , to pay less for your visits and discover a wider choice. Check the museum or tourist office websites

To enjoy the pleasures of the capital, the Reykjavik City Card is ideal! By paying for 24, 48 or 72 hours (from €27 to €45), you can take advantage of many benefits: free transport, free museums and swimming pools in the capital, and reduced-price activities

Main events Main events

In November, the Iceland Airwaves festival takes place in the capital and features local and international stars.

The holiday season can be particularly enjoyable. During December, there are several Christmas markets in the capital and elsewhere. New Year's Eve is quite unique, as many individuals set off fireworks in the capital.

Tourist traps Tourist traps

There are no tourist attractions in Iceland. However, it should be taken into account that tourism has an increasing impact and that some prices are sometimes exaggerated

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