Sometimes you just want to take your bag and travel alone abroad. For some travellers, this is even an essential condition to better enjoy another country. Some also do it to prove that they are able to get by on their own, to be able to communicate and also to make it easier to meet and interact with locals. However, when you decide to go alone, you like to know that you are safe or that you are well received. No problem for that because there are a multitude of destinations in the world that correspond very well to single travellers, to those who have a great thirst for freedom. Once you have chosen the destination of your dreams among those mentioned, you should not hesitate to book your tickets with a flight comparator in order to find the best price

Travelling in Northern European countries

The countries of northern Europe are renowned for their warm welcome for tourists. It is also said that the inhabitants of these countries are happier, so they are ideal destinations to keep smiling and meet new people at the same time. Not to mention the variety and beauty of the landscapes offered and the attractiveness of many metropolitan areas. First of all, Denmark, you should definitely go to Copenhagen to stroll along the canals while observing the houses with their colourful facades and push up to the port to see the little mermaid. Denmark is known as the country where people are happiest in the world, so it is obvious that one can only feel good and enjoy communicating with the smiling population. And there are also many other places to enjoy alone in the country, such as Møn Island where you can find beautiful medieval churches, cycling forests and beautiful beaches dominated by impressive chalk cliffs

Let us now mention Norway. After visiting the many museums and galleries of the capital Oslo, the country offers many opportunities for solo expeditions to corners of nature of exceptional beauty. You have to discover the fjords and enjoy a hike in the most beautiful mountainous areas, passing by refuges, the opportunity to meet people. Trolltunga and the Preikestolen cliff offer breathtaking views

Finally, it is time to talk about Sweden, it is a perfect destination for those who travel alone. First of all, the Swedes speak almost all English, which is very practical. Secondly, Stockholm is a trendy, relaxed capital, with a multitude of places to go out and have a drink. And then there is the Stockholm archipelago and its thousands of islands to discover. In addition to the large cities, there are also lakes and, for adventurers, the Great North to explore. In winter, it is an opportunity to watch the spectacular Northern Lights show

Other more distant destinations

While Europe offers many ideas for destinations for solo travellers, it is important not to forget to mention countries much further away, or even at the other end of the world, which are perfect host countries for those who want to find themselves facing themselves. Let's start with Japan. Once you have discovered Tokyo and its vibrant neighborhoods, you should enjoy a view of Mount Fudji and later join Kyoto. The country offers areas with varied landscapes and many structures are designed to accommodate single travellers. There are hot spring baths, Zen gardens where you can enjoy the tranquility to meditate and then restaurants where you can eat at the counter

Now we head for New Zealand, a country far, very far away, but which is an ideal place to go alone. First of all, because the New Zealand people are very welcoming. It is very likely that in the country it is very easy to start a discussion with the people you meet, and that is very welcome. There is also an openness of mind that rarely exists elsewhere. And then after spending time in the charming city of Auckland, you have to discover the many landscapes that make up the archipelago. You can observe the reflection of the snow-covered mountains in the lakes, and walk among the glaciers, around volcanoes and in the heart of the fjords. Enough to take some great shots

Costa Rica is also a country where the happiness index is one of the highest in the world. The population is very welcoming and there is so much to do and discover that a single traveller cannot be bored. The fauna and flora are exceptional and the government is investing heavily in the development of eco-responsible tourism in order to preserve this rich natural heritage. It is pleasant to stroll around the cities and stop in front of a music group in front of which passers-by do not hesitate to dance. You have to go for a walk in some of the 32 national parks, which offer a luxuriant nature and where you can see all types of animals, including a huge variety of birds. It is also a very volcanic land where you can enjoy swimming in the hot springs, such as the Fortuna spring on the slopes of the Arenal volcano. The country's coasts have magnificent beaches where it is good to recharge your batteries and enjoy water sports. The Pacific coast is ideal for this. And for those who wish to push the tranquility to the end, it is necessary to reach the Caribbean coast, less touristic, for a total change of scenery and the possibility of swimming in crystal clear waters