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Restaurants Guadeloupe : 422 Results

Practical information : Eating out Guadeloupe


Few restaurants offer continuous service in the archipelago. Restaurant opening hours generally remain standard (12 and 3 pm and 7 and 11 pm) with some variations depending on the liveliness of the town and the number of tourists on the island. The local population is used to going out quite late on weekend evenings, so in certain areas such as the Gosier - Pointe-à-Pitre marina, it is possible to dine out later.

27 May, the day of the abolition of slavery for Guadeloupe, is the only holiday on which even some restaurants choose to close

In the Jarry shopping area, most restaurants are open for lunch. Only a few remain open in the evening.

On the island of Marie-Galante, most restaurants no longer serve after 9pm even in high season.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

It is possible to eat out, whatever the budget you wish to devote to this item of expenditure. The food trucks present all over the territory, near the beaches, on the markets, in the tourist areas propose sandwiches, bokits, agoulous... you eat for 8 to 10 €, drinks included without forgetting the international fast-food brands present on the island. Typical Creole restaurants offer dishes from 10-12 € according to their category.

Traditional restaurants (between French and Creole cuisine) offer a wide variety of menus (from 12 € per dish to 30 €).

Finally, the gastronomic restaurants scattered around the island cater for customers with a budget of at least €45 per person

Most of the establishments accept both cash and credit cards for payment. On the other hand, cheques from outside the island (with an address in France) are often refused

What costs extraWhat costs extra

No extra charge can be made as taxes and services are included in the rates shown on the maps. Afterwards, the gratuity, which is not mandatory, remains at the discretion of each client according to his or her appreciation of the cuisine and service.

The local wayThe local way

Many restaurants offer a mixed cuisine composed of traditional French dishes made with local products. But the real local cuisine is generally discovered in small typical restaurants that do not look like much, with minimalist decoration and table settings, but the flavours are there.

In Creole cuisine, dishes are often simmered. It must be admitted that the cooking of red meats is not necessarily well mastered by Guadeloupean cooks. If you enjoy your entrecote, blue or rare rib steak, choose a restaurant with a more mixed menu to enjoy it.

Spices and herbs are inseparable from Creole cuisine. They perfume all the dishes. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, turmeric, colombo powder, bouquet garni, chilli pepper, roucou, country onion are present in all kitchens. The green or red chilli pepper is used in all its forms. Be careful when handling it. Protect your fingers and do not put it in contact with your mouth or eyes! Vegetarian chilli pepper allows you to get the taste of chilli pepper without its spiciness. Its pretty colours make it possible to use it in decoration of dishes without any risk.

To be avoidedTo be avoided

Avoid using the first name of the servers, it could be misinterpreted by them, because the concept of service is still quite complex and the first name could be taken as a lack of respect.


Many restaurants have a terrace, allowing smoking, but beware, it must be an open and uncovered terrace.

Tourist trapsTourist traps

It is difficult to talk about tourist attractions in terms of catering. It's up to you to take a good look at the cards or slates announcing the dishes and their prices. The only trap could perhaps be to present you with a dish of frozen lobster for a fresh..

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