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The 10 most beautiful filming locations in Koh Lanta

Famous television show that always meets a great success, Koh Lanta has been hosting Friday nights for many people for several weeks a year since 2001! While the contestants must survive on an uninhabited island for about 40 days and participate in various events, as a team and then alone, in order to finish as the winner, the prowess and strategies put in place by the participants are not the only ones to challenge viewers. The program takes place on paradisiacal islands all over the world. From Indonesia to Fiji, via New Caledonia and Panama, and at a time when we need more than ever to dream and escape, here are the 10 most beautiful locations where Koh Lanta is filmed

1- Bocas del Toro, Panama

Bocas del Toro, a province of Panama consisting of an archipelago off the Caribbean coast, has been joined by Season 3 candidates. There are many small islands covered with coconut palms and mangroves. Of course, the beaches all have fine white sand and a turquoise sea where you feel like swimming for hours. Strolls in the middle of nature, sunbathing and sports are on the program. There are also various surfing sports available for those who enjoy them. In Bocas del Toro, you can also travel a lot by bike to discover the landscape and admire the unmissable wooden houses on stilts. For a memorable moment: head for Red Frog Beach, a beach with access to the jungle where you can observe surprising little red frogs.

2- The Isle of Pines, New Caledonia

It was during Season 5 that viewers were able to discover the island that is also nicknamed "the island closest to paradise". And when you go there, you understand better why! Located in the south of New Caledonia, the Isle of Pines is a real jewel, with a splendid turquoise lagoon bordered by white sandy beaches. You start by swimming in the translucent waters of the Bay ofOro and observing the marine fauna. Another idyllic bay is Kanuméra, where a huge rock takes place in the middle of the cove. You can also discover the Oceanic culture by strolling and meeting the inhabitants of the village of Vao, before heading towards the N'Ga Peak. It is an unmissable place because if it is only 260 m above sea level, the panorama offered on the different bays is simply breathtaking

3- The Vanuatu Archipelago

The Vanuatu archipelago is a dream place for those who wish to discover the Pacific. And it is not the participants of the 6th edition of Koh Lanta who will tell you otherwise! The archipelago is made up of 83 islands, most of which are volcanic, as well as heavenly beaches where it is good to take part in a few scuba diving sessions to observe the richness and beauty of the seabed. The most beautiful spots for diving are certainly the beaches of the island of Espiritu Santo, a real paradise on earth. Outside the sea, the other unmissable activities are hiking in the tropical forest, which covers 75% of the territory, but also an expedition to get to the foot of the Yasuo volcano, on the island of Tanna

4- Palawan Archipelago, Philippines

Ah! How could we envy the warriors of Koh Lanta who came to the Palawan Archipelago to participate in the 7th edition. Here, the landscapes are of exceptional beauty, between the thick jungle, the rocky walls and the different reflections of the sea. On the main island of Palawan, you can make a stop in small villages living to the rhythm of the water, in El Nido or in the old fishing village of Port Barton. Later, a tour of Coron Island allows you to enjoy turquoise lagoons, green cliffs and to put on a mask and snorkel to observe the underwater fauna! To vary a little with the beach, a hike to the Kuyawyaw waterfalls is another option to refresh yourself in an environment that evokes paradise.

5- The Raja Ampat Archipelago, Indonesia

In season 11, we headed for West Papua with the Raja Ampat archipelago. A place also dreamed to live the adventure in the open air, to laze on immaculate beaches, to observe the corals or a multitude of birds. The archipelago of Wayag is one of the emblems of Raja Ampat. You can spend time there to discover its sublime atolls which are home to an extraordinary underwater life. Frowen Island is another place of great beauty, ideal for hiking in the jungle and paying attention to the wildlife. Before leaving, we do not fail to reach the bay of Aljui, once again for snorkeling, because on the Indonesian archipelago of Raja Ampat, we never get tired of the color of the water and the beauty of the seabed.

6- The Kadavu Archipelago in Fiji

Kadavu is the fourth largest island in Fiji, but also the largest of the Kadavu volcanic archipelago, which comprises 3 main islands and a multitude of smaller islands set in the Great Astrolabe Reef. These lands have been trodden by Koh Lanta season 18 candidates, and for those who wish to go there for a holiday, one has the pleasure of admiring majestic volcanic mountains as well as walking in the heart of a dense tropical forest. Scuba diving, sea kayaking, waterfall escapes, colourful tropical bird watching, Kadavu is another piece of paradise from which it is difficult to leave

7- The archipelago of Palau, Micronesia

During the 9th edition of Koh Lanta, participants travelled to the Pacific Ocean, to a tiny archipelago east of the Philippines in Micronesia, Palau. With incredible landscapes, the authorities of the sovereign state have turned to "blue tourism". This is not surprising since the crystal-clear waters that reign there shelter a protected and rich seabed. For diving enthusiasts, it is happiness at every moment. And to stroll quietly with mask, snorkel and fins, towards the islands and islets of the Rock Islands. Many activities await travellers outside the sea, such as hiking on the island of Babeldaob, discovering the remains of the Second World War on the island of Peleliu or an expedition to the cultural sites of the capital, Koror

8- Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Apart from the Koh Lanta Season 2 candidates who went there to test their ability to withstand wildlife and all kinds of hardships, there are countless reasons why travelers who wish to visit the Nicoya Peninsula can do so. In Costa Rica, this is the perfect place to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Pacific or the Golfo de Nicoya. Start by relaxing under the palm trees of Playa Carrillo, a wide beach with the rainforest in the background. Then it's time to take an interest in the local fauna, by going to observe the olive turtles at the Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Ostional. The fun continues with a hike in a tropical environment in the Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco; a sporting moment with the practice of surfing in the rollers of Nosara, without forgetting the meeting with the locals in the small seaside town of Santa Teresa

9- Las Perlas Archipelago, Panama

The Las Perlas archipelago in Panama saw the participants disembark at Koh Lanta during season 4 of the show. It consists of more than 200 islands, the main ones being Taboga, Contadora Isla del Rey. Along the beaches, swimmers enjoy swimming among the turtles and multicolored fish. The coral bottoms are also superb. A little further offshore, humpback whales can also be observed, which pass through the area at different times of the year. The rest of the time, one can enjoy observing the flora and especially the trees producing mangoes, coconuts and papayas, which are then sold by the local populations

10- Koh Lanta Island, Thailand

Theisland of Koh Lanta was revealed to the public during the first season of the show. It is actually an archipelago made up of many small islands. There are white sandy beaches and translucent waters, as well as lush nature for landscapes reminiscent of the most beautiful postcards. It is a dream place to enjoy the pleasures of spending time on an island paradise, lazing in the sun, bathing and above all diving. Because Koh Lanta allows you to explore one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, in water that is close to 30°. The main island of Koh Lanta Yai is visited by many tourists throughout the year, but rest assured, there is always a place in the archipelago where you can feel like you are in the shoes of Robinson Crusoe

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