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Top 10 South Pacific destinations to discover

The islands of the South Pacific evoke a total change of scenery. They are real little natural jewels. Places that invite you to relax, with heavenly beaches and lagoons where you can enjoy the sun and swim in translucent waters. We also leave to immerse ourselves in different cultures and interact with local populations, who are delighted to welcome and introduce us to the traditions and charms of their territory. Then there are the must-see Australia and New Zealand, which, in addition to their magnificent and fascinating landscapes, also have attractive cities. In partnership with Fiji Airways, we have identified the top 10 destinations to discover in the South Pacific


Samoa is still relatively unknown in Europe, but it is worth a visit. This archipelago, located a few hours by plane from Australia and New Zealand, boasts beautiful landscapes. First of all, we are warmly welcomed by residents renowned for their relaxed atmosphere. One experience to live is to sleep in a fale, a thatched hut that usually overlooks a beautiful paradisiacal beach. On the island of Upolu, you take the time to stroll around the capital Apia before reaching must-see sites such as the To Sua Trench, a natural swimming pool surrounded by vegetation in which you can descend via a ladder. At another time, we take the paths of O Le Pupu Pue National Park for a stroll in the heart of a lush natural environment and we do not miss to visit the Papapapai-uta Falls. The island of Savai'i is even greener and also offers very beautiful spots. Let us mention the famous site of the Alofaaga Blowholes, where the waves form incredible geysers that come straight out of a volcanic soil. Nor should we miss the smallest islands, which almost give the feeling of being alone in the world, such as Manono Island and Apolima island, two perfect places to laze on the fine sand, under the coconut trees. Fiji Airways offers flights to Samoa


The Kingdom of Tonga offers a wide variety of landscapes on more than 170 islands and islets. Aboard a boat, you take the time to sail in the Vava'u archipelago, which gives access to splendid dream beaches. In the waters of Eua, Ha'apai, you have the opportunity to live an extraordinary experience, that of swimming with humpback whales. A magical moment that Tonga is perhaps the only place in the world to offer. In addition to the beaches, it is necessary to take the time to stroll and admire the volcanic peaks covered by tropical forest and the high limestone cliffs such as the Ha'apai. It is also worth noting the possibility of practising many sporting activities and there is no doubt that Tonga has something to satisfy lovers of snorkelling, hiking, surfing, kitesurfing or scuba diving. To experience such moments, Fiji Airways offers flights to Tonga

The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are home to hundreds of islands that offer many surprises for visitors. First, you must immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by going to the Honiara market. A meeting point for the different ethnic groups, it offers an insight into the local way of life and cuisine. During the Second World War, Honiara was a battleground between the Allies and Japan. A stroll in the surroundings fills the history buffs, since you can visit the memorial, the open-air war museum, and many wrecks of tanks, planes, guns... Wrecks that you can also see while snorkelling, proof that this place has suffered the full force of the fierceness of war. But it is important to highlight the fact that the archipelago offers many other experiences, such as the opportunity to explore the Marovo Lagoon, a refuge for protected marine fauna. It is the largest lagoon in the world and the walks in the surrounding tropical forests make it even more unique. As well as the possibility of accessing a little further north to the island of Uepi and its immense coral reef. This is where you grab a mask and a snorkel and go to see colourful reefs where a large number of tropical fish swim. To enjoy this experience, Fiji Airways offers flights to the Solomon Islands


The territory is made up of three archipelagos and 32 atolls. On arrival, we reach the Christmas atoll to access Joe's hill, a dune of nearly 12 meters which allows us to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding natural setting. The other atolls, such as Butaritari or Tabuaeran, offer the opportunity to practice many activities in dream lagoons. Fishing, surfing, snorkelling, diving are on the program of those who wish to spend a sporty stay. There is also the time spent sunbathing on the sand, swimming, or on board a boat in the Phoenix Islands Marine Protected Area, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For history lovers, Kiribati is also a place where traces of the Second World War can be found. Tarawa Atoll offers the opportunity to observe tank wrecks and bunkers that are an opportunity to dive into the past. Fiji Airways offers flights to Kiribati


An archipelago of 83 islands, Vanuatu also offers an unforgettable experience. We start by walking on the island of Efate and in its capital Port-Vila. Then we head for nature and the most beautiful sites. Aboard a kayak, we travel the Riri River to reach the blue holes of Espiritu Santo, a geological wonder. From the banks, the colour is impressive and you only want to grab a rope to dive into the water with a void below that reaches 30 meters. On Tanna Island, an extraordinary experience awaits visitors, with the opportunity to walk along the crater of the Mount Yasur volcano. The lava that gushes out and the colours are impressive, especially in the evening. A volcano that is considered one of the least dangerous in the world. Vanuatu also has beautiful beaches along the coast that are a call to many activities, and an opportunity to meet the local tribes, the Smol and the Big Nambas, who invite you to celebrate colourful and folklore-filled ceremonies. To reach the archipelago, Fiji Airways offers flights to Vanuatu


Funafuti is an atoll in Tuvalu and is home to its largest city, Vaiaku. It is also the most populated atoll in the world. This island offers an intense feeling of the end of the world. It is possible to cross the island in its length in only one hour, and we do not observe mass tourism, most of the people we meet are locals, always ready to inform and exchange. From morning to evening, we swim in the lagoon with the possibility of swimming with manta rays. You can also learn to fish with a local and in the evening, join a small bar with a warm and relaxed atmosphere. In short, Funafuti is an ideal place to empty your mind, to refocus on yourself, to relax, on the shores of idyllic beaches. Fiji Airways offers flights to Funafuti


Kiritimati belongs to the Republic of Kiribati. It is the largest atoll in the world and a place that makes all those who wish to laze on white and fine sandy beaches and enjoy swimming in warm and crystal clear waters dream. Scuba diving is also quite exceptional in this area, where corals and fishes offer a spectacle of a thousand colours. It is also a great spot for fishing. We often see fishermen with their feet in the water and the local population is always happy to provide information on the best places to practice this practice. Those who have an interest in the different bird species will find in Kiritimati a wonderful sanctuary where they can observe more than 35 species. An ornithological paradise with a tropical accent. Fiji Airways offers flights to Kiritimati


Australia is a huge island that you have to take the time to travel from one place to another. It has varied and fascinating landscapes, which appeal to travellers with diverse profiles. Lovers of large cities can spend time in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane to enjoy an overflowing cultural offer and meet travellers of all kinds. Beyond cities, Australia also fascinates by the beauty of its natural environment. The Blue Mountains gorges offer a breathtaking view, Karijini National Park reminds us of the landscapes of the American Wild West, with its red rock canyons, waterfalls and natural pools. An escapade around the Ayers Rock gives the feeling of being totally isolated in a red desert and the Rainforest allows you to make beautiful hikes between eucalyptus forests and mangroves. For sea lovers, there are many opportunities to enjoy the Great Ocean Road and its cliffs, or to join the Great Barrier Reef and its many marine species, its heavenly beaches, which have earned it a place on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Fiji Airways offers flights to Australia

New Zealand

New Zealand is another small corner of paradise that surprises by the variety of its natural environment. You should take the time to stroll through Auckland and Wellington and their green surroundings, which make them metropolises open to nature. They also satisfy those who love places with a wide cultural offer. Later, you have to go to the village of Akaora, the most French of the New Zealand villages. The names of the streets and the presence of bakeries bear witness to this. It is also from this place that you can go by boat to meet dolphins. As far as nature is concerned, the choice is vast. A hike around Mount Cook, 3,724 metres high, allows you to observe the glaciers and photograph the many turquoise lakes. There are also several national parks in New Zealand that are worth a visit and leave incredible memories. Abel Tasman National Park is one of the most beautiful, with its forest, beaches and wildlife that are breathtaking. The Tongariro National Park is also a must. With its three volcanoes and clear lakes, it is ideal for hiking with a camera. Among the other highlights, Bay of Islands, a place of great beauty. Under the blue sky, you can discover paradisiacal beaches and an environment conducive to hiking or kayaking. To make this extraordinary journey, Fiji Airways offers flights to New Zealand.

Fiji Islands

Some 330 islands form the Fiji nation. Whether you stay on one of the main islands, Viti Levu or Vanua Levu, or on the tiny islands around, there is always a magnificent white sandy beach, bordered by coconut palms and overlooking a sea of transcendent turquoise blue. There are also cruises available to stroll from island to island and discover some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the archipelago. Fiji should not be limited to the beach and the sea, as many other aspects are waiting for travellers. It is recommended to trek in the jungle, such as on the Kadavu Islands or the Taveuni Islands, and observe century-old trees and fascinating birds. You should also not hesitate to immerse yourself in the local culture, by getting in touch with the population in the villages. Taste the traditional drink, Kava, in the name of friendship, then enjoy a traditional dinner with songs and dances that respect the ancestral tradition. And for an unusual experience, a detour to Sri Siva Sabramaniya is an opportunity to see the largest Hindu temple in the South Pacific. Experiences at hand as Fiji Airways offers flights to Fiji

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