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Restaurants Malta : 262 Results

Practical information : Eating out Malta


In Malta, we don't dine too early or too late. We start at 7.30-8pm but the meal never lasts long. Going to a restaurant is a serious outing, business lunch at noon, family dinner in the evening. Anyway, we won't go past 11pm. In Valletta, many establishments only serve lunch but the good tables of the island, open in the evening, are frequented by tourists and Maltese, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. And very often, it is preferable to make reservations, especially for the evening meal

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Of course, it all depends on what you will eat, but you can count on a budget of about 30 € per person for one meal. However, for those who like to eat 'on the go', Malta is full of good deals, at the forefront of which are the pastizzerija, almost a Maltese institution, which are actually small shops selling hot pastizzi in strategic places. You will be able to taste there at derisory prices (between 0.40 and 0.60 € each) slippers, often with chicken, cheese or peas. You can also find them in the many Maltese kiosks. Maltese sandwiches will also be your friends or ftira, round breads used to make Maltese "pizzas"

What costs extraWhat costs extra

With regard to tipping, there are two possible scenarios. Either it is already included in the bill, in which case you don't have to add it. Or it is not indicated, in which case it is usual to leave a tip of 5 to 10% of your bill, if you are satisfied with the service provided. Be careful, we are not in France, neither the bread nor the water carafe are free. You will be asked if you want some, you will indicate what you want, and it will be charged: bread basket or bottle of water (no carafe).

The local wayThe local way

The Maltese have a good fork in them. The dishes are generally relatively copious. Unless you're really hungry, we recommend that you opt for the "starter", equivalent to a starter, rather than the "hand", which is a dish. Even the starters are already impressive. It is not systematic, but quite often, antipasti will be served to you to wait for your dishes


Many restaurants offer a children's menu, which is cheaper than a classic menu.


Since 2004, Malta has banned smoking. However, this ban was poorly enforced in restaurants. This is a thing of the past. Now you don't smoke in a restaurant unless it has an open-air terrace

Tourist trapsTourist traps

In a few streets in the centre of Valletta, you will be offered to go home and eat at a restaurant, but nothing too disturbing

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