Top 10 things to do and see in Malta with Visit Europe

Malta is a captivating archipelago and certainly one of the most beautiful places in Europe. It is an ideal destination to discover a place with a long history, of which the rich architectural heritage is the best testimony. In addition to the magnificent cultural sites, the weather is mild and the temperatures mild for a very large part of the year, allowing visitors to fully enjoy an exceptional natural environment, as well as a coastline that is the gateway to many activities. Visit Europe offers several tours including flight and accommodation which can include breakfast, half board or full board and which are the opportunity to enjoy the city's most beautiful sights and take part in the most festive events.

Take the time to discover Valletta

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is worth a visit. The city is indeed a small Baroque jewel of the Mediterranean. Palaces, churches and museums house treasures that should be visited during a visit to the city. We stop by to see the palace of the Grand Masters, the unmissable co-cathedral of Saint-Jean or Casa Rocca Piccola before landing in the gardens of Upper Barrakka. We enjoy the flower beds and benches and the panorama offered on the Three Cities is simply exceptional. Then in the evening, we reach the Waterfront, a pleasant place to live and meet people where it is pleasant to walk before sitting on the terrace of a café or restaurant.

Enjoy the calm of Mdina

The so-called Silent City is a small medieval city with only 300 inhabitants. It is therefore the perfect place to stroll in peace and quiet through small, charming and flowery streets that bear witness to a 4,000-year-old history. You can also reach its ramparts, just for the view of Valletta, Mosta and the Mediterranean Sea. Architectural enthusiasts have the opportunity to visit Saint Paul's Cathedral, a jewel of Baroque art that was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693.

Hiking on the cliffs of Dingli

They are in a way one of the natural ramparts of the island of Malta, the cliffs of Dingli culminate at 250 meters high and offer to all those who walk there a breathtaking spectacle. It is pleasant to hike around and take the time to admire these steep cliffs that plunge into the blue sea. When you venture there in the evening, it is also one of the best spots to admire and photograph a splendid sunset, especially in summer.

Go to the incredible Blue Grotto

Frejgatinas are traditional boats of the island of Malta. Embarking on board and heading towards the Blue Caves is a must when travelling through the archipelago. The most famous of these caves is Blue Grotto and the discovery is both surprising and fascinating. Once you enter the interior, you will discover beautiful walls and water of a magnificent and amazing turquoise blue. Those who wish can also dive around the caves and admire a remarkable seabed.

Taste some local specialities

What would holidays be like without these moments when you take the time to try some local specialities? During the aperitif hour, you can enjoy the hobz biz-zejt, a tasty and soft bread served with olive oil and a mixture of herbs, dried tomatoes and onions. It goes without saying that seafood products are served everywhere and in all sauces. Those who wish can taste aljotta, a delicious fish soup with garlic and tomato. Finally, do not miss the national dish, the stuffat tal-fenek, a rabbit stew cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes, garlic and red wine, and served with vegetables or pasta, depending on your preferences.

Visit the temple of Hagar Qim

The islands of Malta and Gozo are home to several megalithic temples. Among them is the temple of Hagar Qim, a unique architectural masterpiece, given that the builders had very limited resources and means for construction at the time. The temple consists of rooms dedicated to deities. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also offers a very beautiful unobstructed view of the sea

Strolling through the fishing village of Marsaxlokkk

In Malta, several authentic small villages have escaped the large modern buildings and are cultivating their former souls. Marsaxlokkk is one of them and it is pleasant to stroll through its alleys, contemplate the houses with their ancient architecture and stroll along the harbour, which has kept its original shape dating back to the 9th century BC. You can also see the coloured luzzus, a real postcard landscape. And on Sunday mornings, it is a pleasure to see how alive the place is, when residents and visitors flock to the market to buy freshly caught fish!

Linger in Dwejra Bay on Gozo Island

Dwejra Bay is a place not to be missed during an escapade in Malta, especially on the island of Gozo. The site is exceptional in many ways, including hiking and observing the rock formations affected by the movement of the sea. It is also a place that enchants swimmers, who can swim in natural pools like the Blue Hole. In the area, several places are also great starting points for scuba diving sessions.

Discover Naxxar and the Palazzio Parisio

Naxxar is a charming picturesque village where you can walk through the little-used streets and where it is pleasant to rest on a shaded terrace for a few moments to refresh yourself. To do this, you can go near the main church before reaching the Palazzio Parisio. This 18th century palace is a magnificent family residence and home to many works of art, it provides very good information on how the Maltese nobility lived at the time. You should also not miss a visit to the sumptuous fortified gardens

Swimming in the magnificent blue lagoon of Comino

The third and smallest island in Malta by area, Comino is a great place to swim in warm, translucent waters. The blue lagoon has nothing to envy to the most beautiful lagoons in the world and when you swim there you can see the fish at the bottom of the sea. It is worth noting that Comino also has two other charming beaches, Santa Marija Bay and San Niklaw Bay, with always transparent waters and an enchanting turquoise blue. The atmosphere is more peaceful.

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