Top 5 language stays

Today we live in a world where borders are disappearing, where multiculturalism has become our daily life and our wealth. Learning a foreign language, then studying others, learning throughout life... These are the objectives of personal education, which make it possible to integrate into our globalised society, often made possible for employees through the Personal Training Account (CPF). And nothing better to learn a language than to immerse yourself in the country and meet its inhabitants thanks to a specialized organization that offers stays all over the world. Language stays are therefore on the rise. Here is our top 5 of the summer of 2018.

London, vibrant and open

Welcome to the city where everything is possible! In all fields, it is in the lead: artistic creation, fashion, musicals, music.... It seems like a city that never sleeps, always punctuated by something, from the roar of buses during the day to electro bass at night. London is fascinating and, like all cities with strong personalities, it is not so easy to fall in love with. An intoxicating, bewitching, noisy, heterogeneous city... and yet, you feel good there. The atmosphere is always friendly and reassuring. That is why so many young people from all over the world come here to try their luck, accompanying adults and employees, to learn English.

Dublin, cultural and festive

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is far from being suffocating, however, without sacrificing to the cultural and festive excitement. Reactive, this once disadvantaged city has gradually developed into an attractive city. Thanks to its cultural heritage, it has been able to develop its assets and rank among the most popular European capitals. Rhythmic with the history of the city over the centuries, religion is palpable through Christian buildings. Literature is also in the spotlight, as shown by the many museums dedicated to men of letters. Finally, aesthetes will not be disappointed by the refinement of local architecture, particularly that of the Georgian era. In short, an ideal spot to learn English, whatever your age.

Malta, cultural and idleness melting pot

Crystal clear waters, medieval citadels and megalithic temples are the treasures of Malta, an island located in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Less than 100 km south of Sicily and facing Tunisia, the island has always occupied a strategic position giving rise today to a rich and tasty cultural diversity. Malta will also be able to satisfy the most prosaic pleasures: enjoying its cuisine or diving into the Big Blue. The festival will also be an opportunity for those who opt for the atmosphere of the Paceville district, which has become a must for young people who have come to learn the language of Shakespeare.

Madrid, | | | | Between visits and tapas

While the Spanish capital offers exceptional visits, from the Royal Palace to the bullring and the Plaza Mayor, the other side of the city is the constant atmosphere of fiesta. The city never sleeps. Here, no need to go to the discotheque before 3am, you will not find anyone there. The people of Madrid prefer to enjoy the atmosphere of the bars by drinking a few cañas and accompanied by tapas. It is not for nothing that Spain is the leading country in the Erasmus exchange and the ideal place to learn Spanish, whether you are a student or an employee. Unless you prefer to be able to take a dive between two courses and put your notebooks in Benalmadena or Alicante.

Taormina, the Sicilian beauty

One can easily let oneself be captivated by the beauty of Taormina, a jewel of Sicily with its impressive Greek theatre that seems to offer a spectacle of the sea facing it. A window on the Mediterranean, like a picture that is completed by the lavish gorges of Alcantara as well as the castles and small ports of neighbouring towns and villages. In a word, picturesque. And an ideal destination to perfect your Italian gently. The Italian boot offers other options for culture lovers, who will discover the capital Rome, or Tuscany, Florence or within the century-old walls of Lucca.

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