10 sun destinations within 3 hours of flight from Paris

Looking for a change of scenery for a weekend? Tired of long and tiring trips? The destinations that Le Petit Futé has selected are made for you! Less than 3 hours flight from Paris, they are ideal for a sunny city-trip! No more jet-lag hazards or the stress of long-haul flights! Arm yourself with a good book or one (or even two) movies and the trip will go faster! From Barcelona to Dubrovnik, here are our ten favourites of the summer located less than 3 hours away from Paris to get away from it all!

N°10 - Hammamet, heading for Cap Bon

If its tourist vocation is no longer to be proven, Hammamet remains a destination of choice in Tunisia. Relaxation and well-being will be provided on one of the city's many dream beaches. The all-white medina at the gates of all colours is the ideal place to stroll and refresh yourself. Every year, in summer, the city hosts the internationally renowned Hammamet Music and Art Festival in its amphitheatre overlooking the sea. This year it will take place from July 8 to August 26, so enjoy it!

N°9 - Palma de Mallorca, relax in the Balearics

In less than 2 hours (1 hour and 50 minutes to be precise!), the Balearics and their sumptuous beaches are waiting for you! With its ideal summer temperatures and varied landscapes, from the coast to the interior, the archipelago is a relaxing and discoverable destination very accessible from Europe. Palma de Mallorca is a city rich in history, coveted by many peoples over the centuries for its strategic geographical position. Its architecture reflects its splendour: its cathedral facing the sea is a real masterpiece

N°8 - Barcelona, the beautiful Catalan woman

How to present Barcelona, the city that conquers the hearts of its visitors every year? Colourful, it houses the most beautiful examples of Gaudì's architecture: its Güell park is a real delight and what about the famous Sagrada Familia, still unfinished to this day? But Barcelona is also famous among night owls who can go tapas all evening before enjoying the Barcelona atmosphere in one of the many nightclubs. A perfect compromise between culture, beach and celebration, Barcelona combines all the ingredients for a successful holiday!

N°7 - Ajaccio and the inevitable South Corsica

The island of Beauty seduces for its natural landscapes and its legendary hospitality. The Corsicans are proud of their region, and we understand them! Ajaccio, the birthplace of the famous Napoleon, is the ideal place to stay in the south of the island. The heavenly beaches of Porto-Vecchio, the landscapes of Alta Rocca, the seabed of the Lavezzi Islands or the sunsets on the archipelago of the Sanguinaires will amaze you after only 1h38 of flight!

N°6 - Dubrovnik, pearl of the Adriatic

Did you know that the Adriatic is one of the most blue and cleanest seas in Europe? Bathed in this clear water and shaded by many pines, Dubrovnik is ideal for summer holidays. It is also a very charming fortified city, steeped in history. It is necessary to take the time to discover it, to stroll along its ramparts, to admire its pink tiled houses donated by the City of Toulouse after the war in ex-Yugoslavia: you will find many treasures there at only 2h15 flight time!

No5 - Malta, between East and West

It is hard not to succumb to this small archipelago, which is home to as many stories as it is to splendid landscapes. While there are few sandy beaches, Malta is full of small secret coves that are a delight for divers or hikers. After a 2h40 flight, you will arrive in Valletta, a fascinating medieval city where it is pleasant to get lost in the narrow streets. European Capital of Culture in 2018, the Maltese capital will be in the spotlight for several months. The excitement is already palpable there!

No 4 - Porto, the warm and welcoming

Northern Portugal is a destination known for its natural landscapes, dotted with rivers and valleys favourable to culture. It is here that the famous port, a mutated wine, is produced in the eponymous city! In Porto, life is sweet. A boat trip on the river will prove it. It is also an opportunity to admire the city from another point of view, passing under its six majestic bridges, including the famous Maria Pia by Gustave Eiffel. No doubt, Porto is ideal for a city break!

N°3 - Tirana and the Albanian Riviera

We already knew Italian and French... But the Albanian Riviera is not to be outdone! South of Tirana, the capital of Albania, which can be reached by a 2h30 flight from Paris, is Vlora, which marks the crossing point between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. It is ideal for a few days of relaxation by the beach. The Riviera extends to Saranda, a famous seaside resort. Its bay is splendid, notably the beach of Kakome with the island of Corfu as a backdrop

No2 - Thessaloniki, Greece in less than 3 hours

Thessaloniki is certainly less mythical than Athens, the capital of Greece, but it is just as dynamic! The many universities and the flourishing cultural offer give this city a remarkable vitality! The surroundings are of great natural beauty: the Chacildique peninsula, with its transparent water, is the ideal spot to cool off, while the archaeological sites of Pella and Vergina allow visitors to follow in Alexander the Great's footsteps

No1 - Sardinia, a world apart

With its warm and clear water and unspoilt nature, Sardinia is like a small paradise! This Italian island with a special status is marked by its culture and its diverse and varied landscapes. The Costa Smeralda, home of the international jet-set, contrasts sharply with the picturesque, picturesque mid-mountain lands. Whether you choose the north of the island, when you arrive in Olbia, or the south, by Cagliari, Sardinia will seduce you in less than three hours!

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