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The most beautiful invitations to the journey of the cinema

Discovering Cambodia, Thailand or Tunisia from your sofa is indeed possible! Some films are, indeed, real adventures and take you to distant and unknown lands. If you feel like packing your suitcases, don't hesitate to (re)watch these classics and wait!

Pedro Almodóvar's Spain

Almodóvar is the Spanish new wave. His very eclectic filmography, between farce and tragedy, offers a vision of popular Spain with no grey areas. Much more than a journey, the director invites you to share his very special world. A dive into underground Spain always very pleasant.

Bonus: for a discovery of the country from another angle, don't forget that Andalusia was the location for the majority of "spaghetti westerns" such as the famous "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by Sergio Leone.

Two Brothers in Cambodia

Jean-Jacques Annaud's film Deux Frères was shot on the Angkor site, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The director had to negotiate at great length to get permission to shoot with wild animals on this very touristy but also sacred site. The images are breathtakingly beautiful and realistic...

Cambodia is also to be admired in other much more Hollywood productions such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider by Simon West. The adventures of the young archaeologist were notably filmed in the Ta Prohm temple.

The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand

In need of wide open spaces? Watch the Lord of the Rings saga! Did you know that New Zealand is home to the Middle Earth?

Indeed, New Zealander Peter Jackson has chosen to shoot his films in his home country. From the snow-covered mountains to the lush green countryside, a total of more than 150 different locations were used. The saga has contributed to the development of tourism in the country, which now charms many travellers. For the most passionate, it is even possible to visit the village of the Hobbits located near Matamata. The decor of the film has been preserved and is open to visitors.

Lost in Translation in Japan

Lost in Translation features Scarlett Johansson and Bill Muray, two Americans lost in the urban jungle of Tokyo. The award-winning film is a wonderful depiction of the atmosphere and customs of Japan. Sofia Coppola is a great lover of the country and succeeds in perfectly capturing the culture shock felt by an expatriate when he discovers it for the first time. The images are mastered to perfection and the script perfectly crafted. Lovers of Japan will find themselves there... Others will discover with joy this unique culture!

The Beach in Thailand

In La Plage, Virginie Ledoyen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Guillaume Canet set off in search of a lost paradise island. The adventure ends badly for the three travellers, but the landscapes presented are among the most beautiful of the cinema! Many scenes were shot at Maya Beach on the island of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. Several one-day boat-trips offer the excursion from the film. The place is then much less deserted, but much easier to reach! For a total immersion, we recommend the book by Alex Garland from which the film is taken

Nanni Moretti's Italy

One of the most beautiful invitations to la dolce vita can be found in contemporary cinema. Nanni Moretti in her Diary proposes a real excursion to Rome and the Aeolian Islands. He rides through the streets of the "Eternal City" on his Vespa, from where he engages in a real discourse on the beauty of the landscape and its urban complexity. The Roman escapade ends on the famous beach of Ostia, in homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini, emblem of Italian cinema. We then embark for the Aeolian Islands to escape the frenzy of the capital city... If after that you don't succumb to the charms of Italy, we no longer understand! For a more historical and social vision, you should know that Italian cinema had its hour of glory in the 50s with neo-realism. So don't hesitate to revisit great classics such as De Sica's The Bicycle Thief or Rossellini's Rome, Open City.

Into the wild in America

Sean Penn's Into the Wild is the ultimate backpacker movie. Based on a true story, it tells the story of Christopher McCandless, a young American student, who rejects the principles of modern society and decides to flee them by setting out to discover America with his backpack on. Arizona, Dakota, California, the Mexican border and finally Alaska: it is a magnificent panorama of the American territory that we discover. A beautiful life lesson too: "Happiness only real when shared"

Alone in the world in Fiji

The production of the film Alone in the World explored many trails before discovering the volcanic island of Monuriki. Located in the Mamanuca Archipelago in Fiji, it is home to impressive flora and fauna and a fine sandy beach that made it an ideal location for the filming. Zemeckis directs Tom Hanks, Robinson Crusoe stranded on an island after the crash of his plane. A beautiful reflection on the meaning of life and breathtaking images of a sometimes cruel nature

Star Wars in Tunisia

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... The planet Tatooine was home to Luke and his shipmates. But where is this famous planet? Georges Lucas was inspired by a city in southeastern Tunisia famous for its cave dwellings: Tatooine. However, it was only rarely filmed by the director. The filming took place in the south of the country: around Tozeur, Tataouine and on the island of Djerba. Some sets are still in place and can be visited. This is the case, for example, of a whole part of the city of Mos Espa (Star Wars episode I). Located in the chott el-Gharsa, the set set up several years ago for the film is accessible only by 4x4. In Tozeur, many agencies offer the excursion with a night in the desert for even more sensations!

If you are more interested in natural landscapes, go to Ksar Medenine and Ksar Ouled Soltane to see the real troglodyte dwellings that served as background for several sequences of episode I. Much more than a plunge into the film universe, this visit will be the occasion of a very interesting cultural discovery

You will also find the 10 most popular Star Wars filming locations.

Latin America Travel Diaries

For a discovery of the landscapes and culture of South America, Carnets de Voyage by Walter Salles is a must. It recounts the motorcycle journey undertaken by Che Guevara and his best friend at the end of their studies. This journey transformed Ernesto Guevara by confronting him with social injustice and misery. The film is a succession of sumptuous landscapes and encounters with local people, the very essence of the journey. Carnets de Voyage is taken from Che's book: Voyage à motocyclette, a must in travel literature.

Eat, pray, love, from Italy to Bali via India

Adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert's book by Ryan Murphy, Eat, Pray, Love begins in New York. The protagonist (Julia Roberts), decides to question her life, in which she no longer thrives. She then abandons everything to go to Rome (first part of her journey, named Eat). Then she spends four months of spiritual retreat in India praying and finally she goes to Bali in search of love. A real breath of fresh air!

Call me by your name, an Italian summer

Adapted from André Aciman's novel Later or Never, Call me by your name by Luca Guadagnino takes us to Northern Italy, in the province of Cremona, in the middle of summer. In this wonderfully bucolic landscape, young Elio lives a carnal and passionate relationship with Oliver, an American student whom his parents welcome in their vacation villa. The sun-drenched Lombard countryside provides a unique setting for this film

Forrest Gump, a tour of the USA

Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis is a picture of the various events that marked the United States from the 1950s to the 1980s, seen through the eyes of a candid and endearing character. It all begins on a bench in Savannah, Georgia, in Choppewa Square, where Forrest begins to tell the story of his childhood in Greenbow. Don't look for this village that doesn't exist, the scenes were shot in Varnville, South Carolina! Then, throughout the film, Forrest Gump crosses America, notably during his famous running. A masterpiece, to see and see again

The Spanish Hostel, to our student years!

A mythical film of the Erasmus generation, The Spanish Hostel takes us to Barcelona in the company of Xavier (Romain Duris), a French student. He settles in a house where other Europeans live, all from a different country. A real game is then engaged on the cultural differences of the roommates (sometimes caricatured), in a cheerful comedy all the same. The continuation of Xavier's adventures can be seen in Russian Dolls and Chinese Puzzles

Thelma and Louise, cinematic road-trip

A hymn to freedom and friendship, Thelma and Louise is a cult. Thelma, a submissive housewife, and her best friend, Louise, both decide to go away for the weekend. They cross the wide open spaces of the southwestern United States, with their hair in the wind, before their escapade of a few days turns into a real getaway ... No spoiler, but the end of the film is a scene of anthology!

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