From Saturday 18 July, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is hosting one of the most brilliant exhibitions ever invented! The Great Barrier Reef is being honoured as part of the IMMERSION exhibition.

Imagine diving into turquoise water and swimming among the emblematic species that populate this coral ecosystem! This is the interactive experience that the museum offers you, thanks to technical prowess, including a monumental real-time projection system.

You are in a living environment in perpetual movement, where the most beautiful specimens of the Great Barrier Reef are revealed to your amazed eyes!

The scenario reproduces 24 hours of reef life over a period of 30 minutes; every 4 minutes, a spectacular event creates the surprise and rhythm of the diving experience.

But what is most amazing is the interaction that the designers have managed to create! Just as if you were a real freediver, the different species evolve in your environment and interact according to your behaviour and gestures.

Beyond the magic that takes place as soon as you enter the museum's majestic Whale Hall, the aim of this exhibition is above all to make visitors aware of the protection of the marine world. This edutainment aspect corresponds to the historical mission of the Oceanographic Museum : to make the Oceans known, loved and protected. This was the credo of its founder, Prince Albert I, nicknamed the "Prince of the Seas".

Coral reefs are indeed an endangered ecosystem. Although they cover only 0.2% of the oceans, they are home to 30% of marine biodiversity. The exhibition reminds visitors of the need to preserve this fragile ecosystem.

To sum up this avant-garde and unparalleled experience: we marvel, we have fun, we learn and we are educated.

Don't wait any longer and go for it!

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Open every day

From 10 am to 6 pm

January / February / March / October / November / December

From 10 am to 7 pm

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From 9:30 am to 8 pm

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Adult (from 18 years old) 16 €

Student (valid card) €10

Child (4 to 17 years old included) 10 €