Are you tired, stressed, overworked? A holiday is a must! But where can you go for a Zen holiday? Here are some destinations where you can find zenitude

Where to go on a Zen vacation? The Auvergne for a digital detox

Are you an internet addict? Why don't you try digital detox? In Vichy, a town renowned for the virtues of its thermal waters, a hotel specialises in this type of cure. As soon as you arrive, you entrust all your digital tools to the reception(smartphone, tablet, laptop...) which locks them in a safe for the duration of your stay. The cure lasts 3 days and 3 nights. It consists of anti-stress and well-being treatments based on Vichy water and numerous massages. Letting go is guaranteed and a coach is there to support you if you have a craving... from the internet!

Where to go on a Zen vacation? Ireland to sleep in a lighthouse

If you want to live a few days cut off from the world, sleeping in a lighthouse is a good option! And it is now possible in Ireland, on the north coast, in one of the lighthouse keepers' houses at Fanad Head lighthouse. The 3 charming little houses overlooking the Atlantic Ocean can accommodate 2, 3 or 4 people. Fanad Head is in addition to the 7 other lighthouses with accommodation on the 12 lighthouses open to visitors and spread out over the whole island

Where to go on a Zen vacation? Portugal for a retreat in Fatima

Fatima has been a holy city in Portugal since May 13, 1917, when young shepherds claimed to have witnessed an apparition of Our Lady, and this would also have happened on October 13 of the same year. These dates attract more believers every year who visit the Sanctuary to take part in the processions. But everyone can take part, even non-believers, it is always a great moment of recollection and spirituality.

Where to go for a Zen vacation? Romania for an anti-stress thalasso

Did you know that? Romania is a recognised thalassotherapy destination!

On its Black Sea coast, it has many spas and offers a range of treatments at really interesting prices. Among the cures on offer, some are for overworked and stressed people. The ideal way to recharge your batteries and be pampered without breaking the bank!

Where to go on a Zen vacation? Algeria for an immersion in the Sahara

The Algerian Sahara is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in a magical and fascinating natural setting. It is up to you to go for camel rides, treks and other walks on the dunes. Splendid landscapes await you and it is the guaranteed change of scenery!

Note: it is possible to make an organized stay from A to Z through tour operators and Algerian incoming agencies, in complete safety.

Where to go for a Zen vacation? Canada to sleep in a hut

Let's go to New Brunswick, which is part of Francophone Canada! Direction the Restigouche River, known throughout the world for salmon fishing. Imagine the log cabin, the deck with its Adirondack chairs, the barbecue and the river just a stone's throw away. A "made in Canada" stay that you dream of to recharge your batteries in the heart of nature. Welcome to Les Chalets Restigouche

Where to go for a Zen holiday? Mongolia to reconnect with nature

Nothing like Mongolia and its wide open spaces to reconnect with nature! You will be able to live in yurts in the company of nomads with thousand-year-old traditions in the immensity of the steppes or on the borders of the Gobi desert. Beyond the sublime landscapes, the stress of big cities is over. You will relearn to live according to the rhythm of nature, without telephone or internet.

A life-saving break with always touching encounters.

Where to go on a Zen vacation? India for a yoga holiday

Located in North India, not far from the Himalayas, Rishikesh is considered the world capital of yoga. Whether you are already practicing this discipline or are a simple novice, you have the possibility to do a yoga retreat on the spot, that is to say a Zen stay with numerous yoga classes and a detox diet. Hundreds of addresses are offered to you and you will have the choice. Enough to find a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Where to go on a Zen vacation? China to sleep in a Buddhist temple

When we think of China, we think of the urban madness of Beijing or Shanghai, and yet it is possible to have a Zen and meditative stay there by staying in a temple, with Buddhist prayers and ceremonies, for an affordable price.

The Shaolin Temple located in the region of Zhengzou thus offers this type of stay to western tourists wishing to make a Buddhist retreat.

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