It's finally spring! A great opportunity to get out of the winter lethargy with a little trip. We've made you a selection full of pep's with some great spring destinations

Where to go in the spring to recharge the batteries in the sun?

Set course for Malta! Only 3 hours flight from Paris, it's already almost summer on this pearl of the Mediterranean with a beautiful sunshine. And in spring, the island of Malta comes alive more than ever. Holy Week, which precedes Easter, is punctuated by religious and traditional events that are very important in Malta. During the night from Thursday to Friday the Maltese spend a good part of the night visiting churches. According to tradition, they must visit seven churches before Friday. On Good Friday, you can also attend the beautiful procession of statues that leaves from the Ta'Giezu Church in Valletta

Another sunny destination: the Turkish Riviera! Without waiting for summer you can already start sunbathing on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Hotels and restaurants are very affordable in this season, including luxury resorts with all-inclusive packages. And, most importantly, you can already swim in most of the resorts in the region, the water is hardly cooler than in August. Bodrum's turquoise water beaches are yours to enjoy....

Not far from Turkey, Greece is another almost summer destination in spring because of its mild temperatures. But we especially recommend the Ionian Islands during the Easter holidays! Easter is celebrated in these islands: brass bands in the streets, walks in the mountains full of flowers, religious services... But it is in Corfu that these celebrations are the most impressive with no less than 19 brass bands. And as every year, according to tradition, painted jugs are thrown from the balconies in the main square of Corfu. And the bits of broken jugs bring good luck, here is a nice souvenir of holidays!

Where to go in the spring to take a breath of fresh air?

For a breath of fresh air in the spring, we recommend the Portuguese island of Madeira. The tip of Sao Lourenço offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery, with its orange-coloured rocks contrasting with the deep blue ocean. To get the most out of your trip, make a stop at the Cabo Girao cape perched at 580 m of altitude, where you can observe the ocean under your feet thanks to a window you will walk on... Finally, don't miss the famous flower festival in Funchal in May! The streets of the capital are the scene of a magnificent parade of floats in bloom. It's magical..

Egypt is another destination of choice in spring! Beyond the visit of the mythical pyramids, we recommend a cruise on the Nile because the weather is ideal in spring. The ideal is to embark on the Steam Ship Sudan, a steamboat built in the 19th century. It is an original experience that really gives the feeling of going back in time. For the record, it was during a cruise aboard the Steam Ship Sudan that Agatha Christie got the idea for her novel Death on the Nile

But if you want to escape even further, this is the right time to go to Japan. Towards the end of March is the long-awaited cherry blossom season. It has been a national tradition since the 17th century: all Japanese people go on picnics in the parks to enjoy the show and it must be said that all these cherry blossoms are absolutely beautiful!

Where to go in the spring for a city trip?

Direction Seville in Andalusia! To do at Easter time. Seville's Holy Week is indeed famous all over the world. Nearly 50,000 people wear the habit of a penitent to parade in one of the 58 processions, while the "costaleros" (porters) carry the pasos (altars) on their backs. During these processions, which take place every day, the saetas, flamenco songs that the inhabitants sing a capella from their balconies, can be heard. The night of Good Friday is the highlight of the week, when important religious statues such as the Jesús del Gran Poder, the Macarena or the Cristo de los Gitanos (Christ of the Gypsies) can be admired

For an even greater change of scenery, head to Bangkok, Thailand, for the Songkran Buddhist New Year celebration from April 13 to 15. The day before, on April 12, everyone sprinkles water in the streets. Laughter guaranteed! These giant water battles keep bad luck away according to ancient beliefs. It is especially in Chiang Mai and in Phra Praokong, in the suburbs of Bangkok, that the festival is in full swing even if it is celebrated all over Thailand

Finally, if you don't want to go very far, go and visit our Belgian neighbours in Binche for the Binche Carnival, recognized as Oral and Intangible Heritage by UNESCO! It will take place from 3 to 5 March with, in apotheosis, the release of nearly 1000 gilles on Mardi Gras. Atmosphere guaranteed in the streets of the city!

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