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Shopping – Fashion – Gifts Channel Islands : 31 Results

Practical information : Treat yourself (& others) Channel Islands


Most stores are open from 9am to 5:30pm every day except Sunday. In the summer, some stores stay open much later. The main shopping streets are King Street and Queen Street in St. Helier; High Street and Market Street in St. Peter Port.

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

Even if the islands are not a free zone, there is no VAT and each island establishes its own legislation. Luxury products are therefore often offered at interesting prices. You will find a considerable choice of alcoholic beverages, which the islanders, with their commercial fiber, even offer "à la tirette", for a better price! But beware, cigarettes, perfumes and cosmetics are not always cheaper than in France. Some tourists, both English and French, do not hesitate to make a quick return trip during the day to take advantage of the duty free stores on the boat, especially at Christmas time


They are held twice a year. In winter, the sales officially start on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, December 26. They end at the end of January. Summer sales usually begin at the end of June. During these periods, the stores are very busy with discounts of 50% to 70%. Travelers come especially for these exceptional sales. Major promotions are held throughout the year.

What's very localWhat's very local

Like most of the locals, in January or in July and August, you have to take advantage of the sales (from 50% to 70% discount on all products) to rush in all the stores of the archipelago! Jewelry, clothes, decorative objects or small gastronomy, there is plenty of bargains on the islands and, above all, like the locals, fill your cupboards!

Tourist trapsTourist traps

As everywhere in the tourist destinations, the stores which propose the tourist objects, like magnets for refrigerator, are legion in the ports or the airports.