10 heavenly islands to winter on while waiting for the sun to return

Be careful, this Top 10 may frustrate sensitive souls! Bad weather is beginning to return, however, on the other side of the planet some people are still enjoying the white sand and turquoise water. So why not take a break, real or virtual, under the tropical sun? Petit Futé offers you its classification of paradisiacal islands where you can find the sun all year round.

Tahiti, the enchanteress

Carpeted with flowers and shells, Tahiti is the largest of the "Windward Islands" that are part of the Society's archipelago in French Polynesia. In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you can discover fantastic seabeds populated by dolphins, sharks, but also small tropical wonders. Its white sandy beaches are among the most famous. Tahiti is a dreamlike island where everyone imagines themselves sipping coconut milk in front of an emerald sea... Not you?

Saint-Martin, the little-known

Sometimes Dutch, sometimes French, Saint-Martin is the pearl of the Caribbean. With its 70 km of coastline, white sandy beaches and Creole charm, it is a paradise island. However, it has managed to preserve its authenticity, particularly in the French part (Marigot and Grand-Case) with its wooden houses and hiking trails. Don't miss Maho Beach, it's just above your heads that the airport planes will land. A unique experience!

Seychelles, a postcard

An archipelago of 115 islands, each one more beautiful than the next, do you want to do it? Welcome to the Seychelles! The Anse Source d'Argent site alone is worth a visit. It is no coincidence that its beach regularly ranks among the most beautiful in the world.... From morning to evening, its decor is breathtaking: its ancestral granite plunges into ever-warm water, in the shade of the coconut trees. An exceptional site not to be missed!

Mauritius, the Creole sweetness

Drink some love, Golden powder.... Here, place names are real poems, like this fantastic island bordered by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is an infinite palette of colours where European, Asian, Indian and African cultures blend together in perfect harmony. Life is sweet and simple. What more could you ask for? P.S.: if you have some time, don't miss the small island Rodrigues. In the middle of the Indian Ocean, it belongs to Mauritius, but is still unknown to travellers, and that's a shame!

Bali, the zen attitude

In the Indonesian archipelago, Bali or the Island of the Gods, is a paradise land where nature is still sacred and protected. In addition to its ideal beaches for idleness, Bali offers exceptional landscapes: the terraced rice fields and volcanoes will amaze you! But the island also has a strong culture that the inhabitants will be happy to show you, especially near the sacred temples, meeting points between humans and gods for Hindus.

Tasmania, the sportswoman

Tasmania is a true natural jewel that, in a small area, concentrates a very rich and dense fauna and flora. Its hiking trails are among the most difficult in the world. Extreme sports enthusiasts will be delighted to discover this rugged terrain and others will enjoy splendid beaches to relax.

Jamaica, Rasta

In the collective imagination, Jamaica is Bob Marley's island. Reggae music resounds on every street corner of this charming Caribbean island, but Jamaica has many other hidden treasures! The landscapes are sumptuous: the Blue Mountains mountain range that rises and watches over the island will impress you. The beaches of Port Antonio are sumptuous: Frenchman's cove is the perfect place to escape. Nestled between two cliffs, you can swim in the cool river as well as in the warm waters of the sea, Scottish shower guaranteed!

Fernando de Noronha, the Brazilian

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002, the Fernando de Noronha archipelago seduces nature lovers. Here, the fauna and flora are lush and protected! For this reason, the number of visitors is limited and it is forbidden to swim with dolphins. You can admire the seabed full of fish, corals and other molluscs: Fernando de Noronha is a renowned diving spot. A piece of paradise on earth still preserved from mass tourism!

Providenciales, paradise

Located in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, Provo, as it is nicknamed, is located in the archipelago of the Turks and Caicos Islands, which belong to the United Kingdom. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Here, no need to dive! The water is so clear that you can see corals and fish directly. Grace Bay beach is idyllic, the sand is extremely fine and the water is turquoise. In short, a dream spot while waiting for the sun to return home!

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