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10 places in the world to watch whales

Wildlife viewing is one of the favourite activities of nature and outdoor enthusiasts. And being able to admire whales in their natural environment is a unique and captivating experience. Indeed, we are often impressed by the fluidity with which they move through the water, while it should be remembered that they can weigh several tens of tons for certain species! To enjoy this breathtaking spectacle, there are various places around the world known to be whale crossing points during certain periods of the year. From America to Australia, Africa, Polynesia and the Caribbean, here are 10 places to go to observe one of the most fascinating marine animals.

1- Hermanus in South Africa

Head to South Africa to begin this top 10 and more specifically the coastal village ofHermanus, 120 kilometres east of Cape Town. Yes, the country is not only known around the world as the Big 5 whale watching spot, and many whales come to join the shallow waters of the small town's coastline from June to December. To observe them, head to the various marked trails and beaches at Silvers's Point and Walker's Bay. For those who wish, it is also possible to approach the mammals by boat, always keeping a distance so as not to disturb them. For it is a time when they also give birth to calves

2- Husavik in Iceland

Iceland is known for the beauty of its landscapes, and the north of the country reserves a beautiful surprise for lovers of aquatic fauna. By joining the small fishing village of Husavik during the summer, one has indeed the occasion to observe not less than 12 species of whales which come in the bay of Skjálfandi to feed. Among the mammals that can be spotted are the humpback whale, Minke whale and killer whale. You have the choice of admiring them from land, equipped with a good pair of binoculars on the lookout for a jump or a protruding tail, or you can join a boat to observe them more closely

3- Vancouver Island in Canada

Canada is known for its variouswhale-watching spots. But it is on Vancouver Island that we stop for a moment of observation on our way to the waters. From March to October, different species of whales that have crossed the Pacific Ocean stop near the sides of the island. When boarding from Victoria, we look for the fins and dark spots indicating the presence of the animals. You can also enjoy a beautiful panorama, with snow-covered mountains in the distance. From July to mid-September, you can expect to encounter killer whales, which are particularly fond of the cold waters of the region.

4- Sainte-Marie Island in Madagascar

In eastern Madagascar, from July to October, the impressive humpback whales take advantage of the warm waters to come and feed, mate or give birth and provide education for their calves. Meeting them offers the striking spectacle of seeing them jump into the water and contemplating the jets of water provoked by their breathing. It is also a pleasure to watch the females swim with their calf right next to them! It is also recommended to open your ears wide to hear their songs. In Madagascar, whales are respected and protected by the local population.

5- The Bay of Samana in the Dominican Republic

From the end of December to mid-March, humpback whales take advantage of the warm waters of Samana Bay to put on their show. They come here to mate, and this offers the opportunity for sublime parades, or to give birth to calves. To see them, it is possible to go to the land-based observatory created by the Ministry of the Environment, or to go out to sea on board a boat. For an unforgettable getaway, it is advisable to combine the observation of marine mammals with some time on the island of Cayo Levantado and its paradisiacal scenery

6- The island of Maui in Hawaii

For two months, humpback whales migrate from Alaska and the Californian coast and end up in the shallow, warm waters of Hawaii. In the archipelago, the island of Maui is a prime observatory. To observe them in their natural environment, from December to May, it is possible to go to the beaches of Waimea and Kaanapali, or to go to the west of Maalaea and the McGregor Point observation point. For those who prefer, guides take travellers as close as possible to the whales on board ships, but be careful, never less than 91 metres away in order to respect their tranquillity

7- The island of Rurutu in French Polynesia

Who has never dreamed of reaching French Polynesia for the pleasure of sunbathing on heavenly beaches? Located in the Austral archipelago south of Tahiti, Rurutu is a wild island that is recommended to visit for its nature, its expanses of sand, as well as to meet its local population. From July to October, its waters also become the territory of humpback whales that come to give birth and pass on to their young the basics of underwater life. For your information, Rurutu is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to swim with fins, mask and snorkel close to the whales

8- The island of Mayotte

Whale watching tourism is booming in Mayotte. Indeed, many humpback whales frequent the waters of the Indian Ocean from the end of July to the beginning of November. It should be noted that the authorities are committed to ensuring that the practice of whale watching is carried out with respect for the animal's life. If the humpback whale is the star of the waters, it is also possible to cross paths with the blue whale, quite simply the largest marine mammal in the world! An outing with a guide, who has a perfect knowledge of the rules in the field, is also an excellent opportunity to learn more about the fascinating life of whales.

9- The Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica

Southern Costa Rica has a hot and humid climate for much of the year. In the very wild Osa Peninsula, we have the chance to discover the rich biodiversity of the superb Corcovado National Park. It is also here that one can reach the island Caño, famous for its rich underwater fauna. It is therefore an ideal spot for whale watching, with the presence of several species, including the blue whale, humpback whale and killer whale. There are also several species of dolphins. Mammal watching can be done over a large period of time, from October to April

10- The Gold Coast in Australia

If Australia is famous throughout the world for this surfing spot, it is also a good land forwhale watching. Head to the Gold Coast, a privileged place to see the males making big and impressive jumps in the ocean as well as tapping the water with their fins. Why do they do this? It is simply a parade to seduce the females. From Byron Bay to Hervey Bay via Brisbane, every opportunity is good to go and see the sea behemoth and immortalize these moments with a good camera

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