Japan and its people are still a fascinating mystery to most of us. The land of the Rising Sun has a long history, dating back to the Ainu, an ethnic group living on the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan of which traces have been found dating back 12,000 years; and an incredible modernity at the same time, which can be observed at all times in major Japanese cities. The volcanic archipelago, more than 3,000 kilometres long, has an almost unparalleled variety of landscapes and climates. A spot of choice for lovers of long walks. A hike in Japan will therefore remain as a highlight of a trip to these regions. The landscapes and atmospheres are so diverse that there will be something for everyone. Every year in February, the Yuki Matsuri Snow and Ice Festival begins in Sapporo, while swimming and humpback whale watching takes place near the islands of Kerama, in the Okinawa Archipelago, in the far south. Japan is dotted with wonders, natural or shaped landscapes over the centuries, majestic castles, bewitching temples, sites inscribed on the heritage of humanity, such as the latest, the island of Okinoshima, which represents, according to UNESCO, an "outstanding universal value", although it is forbidden to women... The land of the Rising Sun is also a region where we know how to have fun and the Japanese are much more festive than they appear. The izakayas throughout the archipelago are always crowded by nightfall. We come here to drink or eat and even sing sometimes. You will then notice that the Japanese will come out of their usual reserve to approach you with a few words in English, and offer you to share a dish or a bottle of sake. Whatever the reasons why you will come to Japan, for the love of Zen gardens and landscapes, prints, swimming in hot springs, geishas, calligraphy, attending a tea ceremony or a theatrical performance, the size of megalopolises, sumos, diving, karate, hiking, mangas, samurai, gastronomy... all these reasons are good for walking on the archipelago.

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