In his 2nd book, Toan Nguyen takes his reader to the Land of the Rising Sun to tell him about his journey, always in the form of versified poems. The author introduces us to Japan off the beaten track, starting from the former imperial capital: Kyoto. He left on January 20, 2018, and faced the rigors of winter on the coast of the Sea of Japan, at the western end of the island of Honshū : the Chugokū region, buried under a thick layer of winter snow. With the first thaws and the approach of spring, sensitive to the emergence of colours accompanied by new sounds and scents, he continues to paddle his backpack and feather in his pocket on the volcanic Kyūshū before joining the wild Shikoku with its rugged landscapes tormented by the great mountains and deep valleys. A few snowflakes, the pink light of the morning, coloured carps, a woman's gaze, a first spring flower, Toan Nguyen gives us here a story of a journey where each detail is seen through the prism of his sensitivity; where each impression is translated by a poetic language of his own; where he will not fail to put all he has of will, strength and energy to try to draw from each experience of the Beautiful a little of its quintessence: poetry.

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