Top 10 must-do activities in the Maldives

The Maldives is a dream come true for many travellers. They perfectly symbolize a kind of paradise drawn on the sea. The archipelago is one of those places in the world that despite the pandemic have opened their borders to tourists. To enter the territory they must present a negative PCR test carried out no later than 96 hours before departure. Once there, and in compliance with the gestures of the barriers and the instructions of the authorities, everyone can marvel at the crystal clear waters and the seabed of the lagoons, take the time to live by bathing, fishing or flying over the atolls. Here are 10 must-do activities in the Maldives, for a stay that is sure to leave a lasting impression

1- Stroll in the capital Malé

A stay in the Maldives can start with a walk in the heart of Male. The city, which is also an island, is the smallest capital in the world. But that's not why it is not full of treasures. It is a must for anyone who wants to discover the archipelago. One takes pleasure in admiring its traditional dwellings, the more modern ones, and then going to see some of its flagship monuments. Let us quote without hesitation the mosques of Hukuru Miskiiy and the Great Mosque. Theemuge, the former presidential palace located in the Maafannu district, is another building of interest, without forgetting the imposing colonial building of Mulee-aage. Of course, one cannot leave the capital without having visited the markets and stocked up on local products. Especially the fruit, to be tasted in the peaceful and green Sultan Park

2- A snorkeling session in Hanifaru Huraa

The beauty of the seabed means you want to put on flippers, mask and snorkel to observe the aquatic fauna and flora. Hanifaru Huraa is an exceptional bay, classified as a Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is a dream place to swim and observe the many giant manta rays that come to feed. Be careful to open your eyes, because it is also in this bay that you can observe another large animal species: the whale shark, a shark totally harmless to humans. A snorkeling session in Hanifaru Huraa is an unforgettable experience

3- Explore uninhabited islands

If the Maldives consists of 1,200 islands, it should be noted that 200 of them are deserted. It is therefore an ideal destination to put yourself in the shoes of Robinson Crusoe for a getaway. Once you arrive on one of the islands, all you have to do is enjoy a tanning session on the fine sand, then go for a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters from time to time, always at the right temperature. You should also not hesitate to take a walk in the heart of nature, as the forests offer the opportunity to learn more about the local floristic richness

4- Going to see the sea of stars on Mudhdhoo Island

In the Maldives, the island of Mudhdhoo reserves a natural spectacle of all beauty, and not to be missed under any circumstances. The place is famous for its sea phytoplankton which lights up at night when the waves reach the beach. It is then covered with thousands of points of light reminiscent of fireflies. One has the feeling that the starry sky is reflected in the sea, and the spectacle offered is almost unreal. In fact, the tiny organisms light up when they are stressed, so it is the movement of the waves on the shore that makes them glow blue. Splendid to see and photograph

5- Scuba diving

If snorkeling is very popular in the Maldives, you should not miss a scuba diving session, even if you are a novice. There are several diving centres in the Maldives, and it is a great opportunity to go and observe the multicoloured fish more closely, and be amazed by the beauty of the corals. You will also notice that the coral reef is far from monotonous summer, but on the contrary original. We have for example the opportunity to explore underwater caves, guaranteed thrills! A tip for an unforgettable diving session: go to Ari atoll.

6- Beaches, again and again

If there's one thing you want to do when you're in one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world, it's spend time on the beach, just to sunbathe, swim, read and enjoy the view. To do this, you can start by going to Cocoa Island Beach, in the southern part of the Male atoll. The waters are transparent as never before, and the setting is ideal for taking some great shots. For a change, head for Gulhi Beach where the blue tones of the sea also leave you speechless. Swimming, cocktails on the sand or water sports, all the elements are there to have a good time.

7- Treat yourself to a seaplane flight

Flying over the atolls by seaplane is one of the must-do activities in the Maldives. Because if you like to spend time on land to enjoy the beaches, the sea and an environment conducive to contemplating the landscape, the view from the air is simply unique! Comfortably installed, you can then distinguish the islands and islets, and have fun spotting those that are deserted. The colour gradation is also remarkable. Between the different shades of blue of the sea, the vegetation and the various constructions on stilts, one keeps images in mind that are not ready to fade away.

8- A visit of Kuramathi Island

The island of Kuramathi is resplendent in many ways. One goes there of course to enjoy the beauty of its beaches and as for the other islands of the archipelago, for this feeling of being in a place at the end of the world. But Kuramathi is also exceptional for its lush vegetation. Green lovers will be amazed by the sight of oleanders with white or pink flowers, palm trees, banana trees and giant bougainvilleas. You can also travel around the island on an electric buggy or go to a spa for a wellness session. Note the eco-responsible commitment of the island in terms of food, water supply and beach cleaning.

9- Attend a Bodu Beru show

For all those who like to live in music, it is essential to attend a Bodu Beru show in the Maldives. The show mixes percussion, dance and singing and the whole thing forms a perfect trip to the land of world music. Demonstrations are given at local festivals, but many groups also perform at private shows organized by the hotels. It is a very enjoyable time for an art that brings together diverse influences, especially those from East Africa. It's a perfect time to dive into the heart of Maldivian culture.

10- Fishing at night

It's not only during the day that you can enjoy the pleasures of the sea in the Maldives. Night fishing parties are indeed organized all over the archipelago, for the amateurs! The reason is simple, the fish are indeed easier to catch in the evening, when they are out to feed. After having taken full advantage of swimming during the day, it is therefore advisable to grab the fishing rod and come back at nightfall to enjoy a calm and relaxed atmosphere. With a bit of luck, you will then leave with a fish that you will enjoy the next day grilled on the barbecue

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