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Top 10 most beautiful places to see a sunset

Who hasn't wanted to spend an evening, stop everything and let themselves be carried away by the rhythm of nature? That's what the sun offers, when at the end of the day, the sun slowly lowers to make way for the moon. Far from the daily hustle and bustle, to watch a sunset is to stop, contemplate the sun and watch nature sublimate itself. If the process is always the same, some sunsets hold many surprises and transport us into a world apart. Whether in an urban environment or in the heart of breathtakingly beautiful nature, here is an overview of the most beautiful spots where the sun embraces the earth.

The Taj Mahal, India

It is impossible to stay in India without visiting the sumptuous Taj Mahal. This splendid white marble mausoleum is one of the 7 wonders of the world. It attracts thousands of visitors every day, who come to admire its architecture which mixes elements with Islamic, Indian, Ottoman and Iranian influences. The best time to go and admire it is undoubtedly at nightfall. As soon as the sun begins to set, its rays come to play with the architecture of the monument. The patterns of semi-precious stones inlaid in the white marble intertwine with the reflections of the light. The colours are released and offer an unforgettable, inimitable sunset

Oia, Greece

Nestled at the top of the Santorini hill, this small Greek village is one of the most spectacular and romantic places to watch a sunset. It is even said that Oia is the most beautiful town on the island of Santorini. Apart from strolling through its maze of narrow streets, you will enjoy going to its port to taste fresh fish in a tavern. When evening falls, the small white and blue houses, characteristic of the island, rise up in their most beautiful colours. The sun comes to reflect on the village, before gently plunging into the Aegean Sea. Another beautiful way to enjoy this magical moment is to board a boat and watch the sun go down and light up the village from the open sea.

The temple of Tanah Lot, Bali

The charm of Bali is partly due to the presence of its many temples, each one more sumptuous than the other. On its rock, far from the center of the island, Tanah Lot is the guardian of the sea and its spirits. It was built in the 16th century by a wise Hindu sage named Nirartha. According to the legend, the caves which were dug under the islet with the erosion shelter sacred snakes. It is necessary to go there at the end of the afternoon to enjoy all its riches. Draped in an intriguing aura, the site offers a palette of vivid colours as soon as a ray of sunshine lands there. Charm seizes the temple when the waves come, rocked by the rays of the setting sun, crashing against its walls.

Denver, Colorado

Concrete and sunset don't necessarily go well together, but they can sometimes complement each other. Full house to Denver. Commonly called Mile High City because of its altitude (1,609 meters), this city offers a breathtaking view of the Rocky Mountains. When the sun hides behind this mountain range, its rays nestle in the downtown skyscrapers. So after walking through the city centre, strolling through the museums, admiring the street art in the RiNo district or having a coffee in one of the many establishments in the city, you should not miss the best spot to see the most wonderful spectacles offered by nature.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

Kenya's best known and most visited park has some colourful surprises in store for its visitors. Famous for its multiple safaris, this territory of all beauty reveals a savannah with landscapes of all beauty in which many wild animals have made their home, lions, elephants, cheetahs, zebras or even hippos. Maasai Mara has a humid climate, which gives the sky a variety of colours. Staying until African nightfall means discovering nature from a different perspective. The sun, half hidden behind the clouds, offers travellers an unreal light, which invades the whole reserve

The Maldives

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, this small archipelago can be described as utopian. Its richness offers the most beautiful beaches in the world, and thus a majestic sunset. Indeed, how can one resist the urge to land on a magnificent beach of fine white sand at the end of the day after a final swim, when the warm colours of the star come to rest and intermingle with the clarity of the turquoise water. Attending a sunset in the Maldives is the guarantee of being transported to a parallel world, out of time. In this haven of peace, all is beauty and tranquility, between the gradation of colours in the sky and the soft sound of the waves landing on the sand.

North Cape, Norway

Sunset is not necessarily synonymous with the tropics and warm temperatures. The proof is that in the far north of Norway, near the Arctic Circle, lies this mystical, timeless place where the sun offers travellers a unique spectacle. The sun is a unique sight for travellers, but it is only occasionally seen throughout the year, and almost never in winter. But when it does appear, it is to offer a unique spectacle: the midnight sun. This meteorological phenomenon offers the sensation of a prolonged sunset, a unique experience. This extraordinary moment has inspired many Norwegian artists and writers


It is not necessarily necessary to fly for several hours and reach faraway places to admire a beautiful sunset. A few hours by train are enough, direction Amsterdam. Nicknamed the "Venice of the North" with its many canals, brown brick buildings and many trendy districts, it is one of the most romantic cities in Europe to watch a sunset. To fully enjoy it: stop your bike in the middle of a bridge to see the colours reflected in the canal, or take your sweetheart for a gondola ride to admire the star hiding behind the typical Amsterdam houses.

Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

Yes, we know, the sunsets of Sin City (Las Vegas) are a real show on their own. However, getting away from the casino paradise and its mythical hotels offers a much more grandiose spot. The Red Rock Canyon, about 20 km west of Vegas, is the place to be. This canyon, adorned with red sandstone walls, abounds in unsuspected treasures. No need to dig too low to find the first one. Just look up in the evening and watch the shades of red as they embrace each other. If this park is less well known than other American national parks such as Monument Valley or Bryce Canyon, the sun also has the power to vary the colours of the rocks and to sublimate all the panoramas offered

Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Stonehenge, the most beautiful megalithic monument in England and Europe, has been standing on Salisbury Plain for 5,000 years and offers breathtaking views. This enigmatic prehistoric site intrigues archaeologists, astronomers and visitors alike. Astronomical observatory, funerary monument or temple, the theories go on about this marvellous ensemble, and if the legend still hovers over its origins, one thing is certain: Stonehenge offers an immense plain of greenery, sublimated at sunset. Its rays gently caress these suspended stones. For the moment to be definitively magical, one must position oneself in a place where one can see the sun appear in one of the arches. Breathtaking.

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