"Pakistan?! Do we wear the burqa there? And you're not afraid of the Taliban? ". A trip to the "land of the pure" will probably earn you a few questions like these. Yes, extremist Islamists are terrorizing and bloodshed in part of the country. Yes, some women wear the burqa. But Pakistan, which covers almost 800,000 square kilometres and has about 200 million souls, is obviously more than that.
Moreover, it is difficult to understand and talk about such a rich, complex and paradoxical country. A very patriarchal country that was the first among Muslim states to have a woman as Prime Minister. A country that possesses nuclear weapons but suffers from severe energy shortages. A country that bans alcohol, but one of its most successful businesses is a brewery that makes beer, whisky and other forbidden liquors.
Isn't the lack of knowledge of Pakistan, sometimes maintained by some of our media, one of the best reasons for the traveller curious to set foot on its lands? This country certainly suffers from many ills, but it is also home to their antidotes: activists, lawyers, feminists, voices that are still shy, few in number, but full of hope. They are also the ones you will meet during your peregrinations.
As you will discover throughout these pages, Pakistan is a mosaic of peoples, languages, traditions, landscapes and religions. It is a country with a rich history spanning several millennia that has left unique and sumptuous cultural and architectural traces. It is above all a country where you will be welcomed with open arms, a chai in hand and a thousand questions in your mouth. "Do you like Pakistan? "will ask you the Pakistanis for sure. At the end of your stay, let's bet the answer will be a big "Yes!".

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