No, Russia is not covered with snow all year round and contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy this destination all year round. The Russian winter is splendid, immaculate white. February and March are the best months, as the nights are shorter and the snow still holds everywhere. With the right equipment, and as long as you don't go too far in this season, negative temperatures are not a real challenge. In summer, temperatures can become very hot, especially in the city, so it is the best time to enjoy the mountains and lakes. Summer can be very hot and humid, even in Siberia. A small part of the Black Sea coast near Sochi has a subtropical climate and temperatures in the North Caucasus plains are regularly recorded at around 40°C in summer. Russia is therefore the country of contrasts: with the record lows of -68°C recorded in Oïmiakon and Verkhoïansk in Yakutia, the temperature range is extremely high. Obviously, with such a large territory, it is difficult to give precise dates, the seasons come with different intensities depending on the region. To visit Moscow, the Golden Ring and the Volga, the most suitable period is from June to September. But can we really have seen Central Russia and its churches without its coat blanc ? For St. Petersburg and the North, prefer the period between May and September, with particular interest if you come between June and mid-July for the famous all-nighters. But here again, the heart of winter has something magical about it. For the Black Sea coast and the South, the period from mid-July to the end of August is characterized by a peak in the number of local tourists. Two periods are essentially to be avoided: snowmelt (around mid-April, early May), and the period from mid-October to early December

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