On September 7, 1822, Brazil proclaimed its independence. The anniversary of this day has become a national holiday and in 2022 the country will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the event! What if it was time to travel to South America to visit one of the most fascinating territories of the continent? A land of contrasts, where nature invites you to a wide range of outdoor activities, by the sea or in lush, unexplored regions. Not forgetting the cities, whether huge or on a more human scale. Rich of their history, their heritage and their often disconcerting geographical situation, they also invite to various experiences, cultural, gastronomic or simply human. Viventura offers an exceptional 18-day tour, where a local guide and true expert of the destination leads travelers to some of the places that make Brazil a destination that will always be remembered.

From the city to nature, Brazil never ceases to surprise

The tour offered by Viventura gives visitors the time they need to soak up a wide variety of what Brazil has to offer. Starting with its cities! How can you not be fascinated at first sight by the relief surrounding the city of Rio de Janeiro and by Christ the Redeemer who watches over it? Climb up to Sugarloaf, discover monuments such as the Sao Bento monastery, stroll through its neighbourhoods and enjoy a lively afternoon on the beach at Copacabana to the rhythm of the samba. The immersion in the friendly atmosphere of the country is total. The trip also includes a stop in Salvador de Bahia, the former capital of Brazil. The city is simply sublime with its colourful facades, its Portuguese and African influences, its exotic gastronomy and its capoeira shows that enliven the streets. And what about the futuristic city of Brasilia? Its television tower, its cathedral, the Brazilian National Congress, the Palácio da Alvorada, the Santuário Dom Bosco and its museums are enough to arouse the curiosity of walkers. In terms of culture, one of the highlights is a visit to the Inhotim Museum. It is one of the largest open-air art centres in the world, a place where contemporary art meets the essences of an extraordinary botanical garden.

Brazil also invites you to stroll through cities steeped in history such as Ouro Preto. Baroque architecture, colonial style, the religious monuments are particularly superb, like the church of Saint Francis of Assisi. You can also pass by the elegant Tiradentes square before getting lost in a maze of paved and steep streets. By the way, Tiradentes is the name of another colonial city that is a must-see. Surrounded by green hills, we appreciate its village atmosphere, its baroque buildings and of course, its Padre Toledo museum which plunges us into the heart of an important event of the revolution for independence: the Minas conspiracy.

One cannot come to Brazil without conquering its wonderful natural environment. The trip therefore naturally takes visitors to the heart of the Amazonian forest, the green lung of our planet. You will learn to recognize the flora, to survive in this hostile universe and you will observe an incredibly rich fauna. Hiking in the jungle is a great adventure, a highlight of the trip. The observation of the Iguazú Falls is undoubtedly as much. Simply because these 275 waterfalls that gush out of the forest are one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Finally, Brazil also has beaches where it is good to bask in the sun. The beaches surrounding the old fishing village of Praia do Forte are superb. The conditions are ideal for putting on a mask and snorkel and going out to observe fish, shellfish and other corals.

The advantages of going on a package tour

Brazil is such a vast country that going on a tour has many advantages. The trip offered by Viventura includes flights from France, domestic flights to the various sites of interest, superior full-board accommodation and the services of an English-speaking guide who is a true connoisseur of the country's must-sees as well as its off-the-beaten track locations. Travellers are thus assured of not missing out on everything that makes Brazil so rich, due to lack of time or lack of organization.

The other great advantage of the itinerary proposed by Viventura is that it includes participation in community tourism projects. This is an excellent way to get in touch with the local population and to participate in activities related to culture. This way, you can get to know local social initiatives and make unforgettable encounters.