The 10 best road-trips in the world.... On the road again!

Are you exhausted by the daily routine? Do you dream of deserted roads and freedom? Road-trips are made for you! Airplanes and boats make it easier for us to travel around the world, yet travelling by road remains an intense and unforgettable experience. Over the kilometres, the landscapes and encounters follow one another and are not the same. Solo, with friends or family, take the road by bike, motorcycle, car or van! Petit Futé offers you its selection of the best road-trips in the world

N°10 - The tour of Iceland by the Ring Road

The Ring Road is 1,332 km long and can be completed in about two weeks. You will discover all the beauties of Iceland: active volcanoes, geysers, thermal springs, blue lagoons... It will take a lot of concentration to keep your eyes on the road and not succumb to the call of the camera! In summer, the midnight sun allows you to enjoy these treasures at any time of the day or night. However, we advise you to travel outside the high season to enjoy a deserted road!

No. 9 - From St. Petersburg to Vladivostok by the Trans-Siberian Railway

You probably know the Trans-Siberian Railway, the mythical train that travels through Russia, but did you know that it was possible to make the same journey by road, in total freedom? Over 11,000 km, the Trans-Siberian Highway runs through Russia's most impressive landscapes. Ural, Siberia.... The advantage of the car is that you can stop whenever you want to enjoy all these beauties!

No. 8 - The Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway

Between Bud and Kårvåg, the Atlantic Ocean Road is a section of Route 64 from Kristiansund to Åndalsnes. It is certainly not the longest road of our selection since it is only 8.2 km long, yet it impresses by its landscape. Its eight bridges that connect the small islands to the reefs offer a splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean. It is considered one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world with its curves and bends over the waters. Not to be missed if you take a tour of Norway!

N°7 - The famous Great Ocean Road in Australia

The mythical Great Ocean Road , 243 kilometres long, runs along the Victoria coast. During a road trip in Australia, it is probably this road that will impress you the most! Its beaches and rock formations such as the famous 12 apostles, detached from the cliffs by erosion, are splendid. Surfers will stop in Bells Beach for its impressive waves and world championship. The road is in perfect condition but be careful... you could meet a kangaroo there!

No. 6 - From Cape Town to Hermanus, on the roads of South Africa

There are only 122 km between Cape Town and Hermanus, South Africa, yet it is a real adventure awaiting you! Very charming coastal villages and wonderful natural sites dot the route. Admire the wet areas where hippos hide or take advantage of the softness of the beaches to make a few stops.... When you arrive in Hermanus, don't miss the whale ball between June and November and... continue your journey to discover Africa!

N°5 - The island of beauty, from Cap Corse to Bonifacio

From north to south, Corsica is home to jewels. To discover it, think of the 4x4, because the roads are often tortuous and sometimes rocky. If Porto-Vecchio, Bonifacio or Calvi are unavoidable, it is especially the small villages that must be discovered to tame this authentic territory. The inhabitants are warm and welcoming and it is with joy that they will share this unique culture that binds them, this music and this very special accent that you will soon be immersed in...

N°4 - Southern Italy and its Amalfi coast

To the south of the Gulf of Salerno, the Amalfi coast is renowned throughout the world for its natural beauty. Totally unclassifiable and paradoxical, like its "capital", Naples, the coast is splendid, wild and full of colour and character. Its winding roads with cliffsides and colourful houses form a real postcard scenery... Stop in Sorrento to taste the real limoncello, a lemon liqueur typical of the city. It's a delight!

No. 3 - Chile by the Southern Road

The Southern Road or Southern Carretera Crosses Chilean Patagonia for more than 1,000 km. It connects Villa O'Higgins and its huge glacier to Puerto Montt. Between the Andes Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is home to preserved natural landscapes. Chilean Patagonia condenses all the beauties of the country: snow-covered passes, glaciers and immense lakes. If since 2008, half of the road is paved, the rest will be wild tracks: plan a 4x4!

No. 2 - The Trans-Canada Highway tour of Canada's 10 provinces

At 7,821 km, the Trans-Canada Highway is the longest national highway in the world! Going through it from beginning to end will introduce you to Canada's ten provinces: from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland. On the way await you all the natural beauties of this gigantic country: from Ottawa to the Bay of Fundy and the villages of Quebec. An unforgettable experience!

N°1 - The mythical Route 66

What other road-trip could be at the top of this ranking? Route 66 is an institution! Over 4,000 km between Chicago and Santa Monica, it crosses three time zones and eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. The essential steps are therefore numerous! More than a journey, it is a real adventure awaiting you, a plunge into the past

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