This small Central American country is located in southern Mexico: surrounded by Belize, Honduras and El Salvador, Guatemala is a multiple land with an ancestral history. A true cultural mosaic, the land of the Mayans is made up of a thousand landscapes, each with its own character. It is undoubtedly the ancient site of Tikal that we think first, a temple celebrating the gods of Mayan civilization nestled in the heart of the jungles with the lush vegetation of the Petén of the north of the country, populated by jaguars, howler monkeys and multicoloured butterflies. Then the immense Lake Atitlán comes to mind, on whose shores thrives a myriad of villages dominated by volcanoes. But these are just a few Guatemalan gems. Guatemala's tour guide will take you to the four corners of the country, from the cornfields of the Highlands to the powerful waves where pelicans surf on the Pacific coast, from the Alta Verapaz coffee region and the natural and crystal clear pools of Semuc Champey, to the Caribbean tranquility of Livingston, a small Garifuna village on the east coast, accessible only by waterway. And what about the splendid colonial city of Antigua, including the city centre with its cobbled and colourful streets full of good addresses and picturesque churches, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site... Between pre-Columbian architecture, breathtaking natural sites (concentrating jungles, mountains, heavenly beaches, volcanoes) and the good mood of the Chapines, the inhabitants of Guatemala, a stay in this part of the world is certainly a good choice!

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To the question "When to go to Guatemala?", many Europeans on holiday answer between July and August, which is the high tourist season (hotel rates tend to rise), despite the rainy season which runs from mid-May to mid-October. Travellers also flock between mid-December and mid-January to enjoy the holidays in a much milder climate than in summer, but also on the occasion of Semana Santa (Holy Week, preceding the Easter weekend), but here again, prices explode. If you go to Guatemala between September and the first half of October, you will enjoy much cheaper housing rates, but chances are that the rain will not spare you, because that's when tropical depressions hit the Mayan country. The best time to travel to Guatemala is therefore during the dry season, from November to mid-May, taking care to avoid the Christmas and New Year holidays. When to go to Guatemala? From early November to mid-December and from mid-January to mid-May (be careful, though, winter is harsh in the heights), except Easter week.

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For a full stay, count two weeks. There are many tourist agencies offering organized trips, and although Guatemala is only a fifth of the size of France, travel can be long between the two coasts due to winding and not always paved roads. If you have less time, focus your stay on one area: Antigua and the Pacific, Atitlan and the Highlands, Tikal and Petén or the Caribbean coast.

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Guatemala is ideal for independent travellers and, provided you avoid the high tourist seasons, it is quite possible to plan your itinerary as you travel, depending on the encounters and opportunities. From a security point of view, the capital Guatemala City should be avoided for solo travellers, without falling into paranoia either. We will simply avoid ostentatious signs of wealth. The rest of the country is safe and the people are welcoming

The bus network covers the whole territory very well (saving you the cost of renting a car) and the different companies are divided into three categories, from the most comfortable (and expensive) to the most comfortable: luxury express buses, first class buses and gleaming and colourful chicken-buses. On Lake Atitlan and to reach Livingston, motorboats will be used, while to travel through the city you can board a taxi, an uber or a three-wheeled tuc-tuc.

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When to travel?

To the question "When to go to Guatemala?", many Eur...
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How to travel by yourself?

Guatemala is ideal for independent travellers and, provided you avoid the high tourist seasons, it is quite possible...
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For a full stay, count two weeks. There are many tourist agencies offering organized trips, and although Guatemala is...
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The bus network covers the whole territory very well (saving you the cost of renting a car) and the different compani...
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