To start the year off on the right foot, there's nothing like a little getaway! But where to go in January? Here are a few travel ideas to help you keep your fishing going, even in the middle of winter.

Where to go in January to regain strength in the sun?

Going on holiday just after celebrating the New Year is a good alternative if you want to escape the winter temperatures at the beginning of the year. From the beautiful beaches of South America to the beaches of the Arabian Sea and the miles of tracks in Eastern Europe, let's take a look at the ideal destinations

If you want to go far away in the sun, Mexico is the place to be in January. We recommend the Pacific coast of the country. Breathtakingly beautiful, it enjoys a warm and sunny tropical climate that dedicates it to tourism marin ; in addition to the pleasures of the beach, it is also the privileged place for wave fanatics. There are many famous surfing spots in the area. But the coast is also home to tropical forests and mangroves worthy of interest. All along this fringe of the Pacific Ocean, the seaside resorts of Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco are not far from beaches with small traditional wooden buildings and little-visited virgin areas: it is for all these reasons that Mexico is one of the best destinations to do at the beginning of the year.

You can also choose as destination a Caribbean island, such as Jamaica or Cuba, which benefit from an ideal climate for sunbathing during the winter in France

In Asia, Goa is also a good idea for those who want to get away from it all. This South Indian city is famous for its enchanting tropical coastline with 105 km of beautiful palm-fringed beaches stretching along the Arabian Sea. But Goa has many other attractions as well, including a very rich colonial architectural heritage in the baroque style in old Goa, including the basilica of Bom Jesus housing the mummified body of St. Francis Xavier and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are also other destinations in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean where you can go on holiday in January such as Reunion Island, Mauritius, Vietnam or Thailand

Paradise lost in the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde is also a beautiful sunny destination for the month of January. It is made up of ten wild and mysterious islands, all different from each other and generally sunny in November. And good news, in Cape Verde, the beaches, of white or black sand, are often superb and virgin due to a still limited tourist traffic. So why not consider Cape Verde for your next holiday?

In Africa, choose destinations such as Senegal, Ethiopia or Namibia which will offer you advantageous weather conditions. But if you want to go elsewhere and to the other side of the world while enjoying mild temperatures, head for South Australia! We recommend a road trip to the north of the region from Adelaide. You'll enjoy the Flinders Ranges National Park, where the contrast between the arid expanses and striking relief is superb, then you'll stop at the lunar desert of the Breakways, famous for its troglodyte houses and opal mines. It is an ideal destination in January

Where to go in January to enjoy winter sports?

Have you already been to the different ski resorts and slopes of the Alps? This year to really change the air, we suggest you to go and slide on the powder snow abroad. The Principality of Andorra, famous for its cheap shopping, is less known for its ski resorts, yet it's a really good plan. Ski passes are cheaper, but meals and accommodation are also much cheaper! So let's head for the 300 kilometres of slopes in the resorts of Vallnor and Grandvalira for a snow holiday at a low price. You should even have some pocket money left over to rob a few shops.

Another destination to go skiing at low prices: Romania! We recommend the Romanian resort of Poiana Brasov in the heart of the Carpathians and Transylvania. It is ideal for skiing, as it offers beautiful slopes equipped with snow cannons, which guarantees good snow cover. It is not by chance that this region is nicknamed the "Romanian Alps".

Where to go in January for a change of scenery during a city trip?

To fill up on culture in January, head for Rijeka in Croatia. European Capital of Culture in 2020, Rijeka, located on the Bay of Kvarner, has a rich heritage with a beautiful town centre square, Austro-Hungarian villas built in the 18th century and Gothic or Baroque churches. It also has interesting museums, including a brand new museum of contemporary art. If you want to go shopping for a weekend at low prices, head to the UK! Of course, London attracts designers from all over the world, but there's also Glasgow... The charming Scottish city is the country's second most popular shopping destination! The many luxury boutiques in the Style Mile district are a perfect representation of British elegance. But here, shopping here is a real treat, as the West End also boasts some choice vintage boutiques! For a festive getaway, Seville is a good idea in January. Temperatures are mild and the fiesta is on the agenda. Between its tapas bars and flamenco shows, it's hard not to have fun and that's the whole point of travelling in Spain. Even lovers of alternative or electro sounds will find something to their liking in the Alameda district. Seville is the safe bet for Spanish fiestas at low prices.

Where to go in January with your family?

Going away with your family can require a lot of organisation and anticipation if you want to make the most of these special moments with the children. The search for advantageous formulas, the too important administrative formalities can put a brake on your desires elsewhere. Nevertheless, there are many ideal destinations for a family trip. The more you plan ahead, the more competitive the prices will be. If you want to avoid overly long trips and your teenagers like hiking, choose southern Europe, fly to the Azores or Madeira.

The temperatures are milder, but above all the sunshine is more important than in France, enough to put you back on your feet before February. For those who are looking for more exotic family and sunny holidays. In January, head towards Egypt and its many treasures such as Luxor for example. Although January is part of the high tourist season in Egypt, it is a good compromise to combine family holidays and discovery, as there are excursions and enriching walks for the whole family. Moreover, if you don't want to organize your itinerary from A to Z, there are many all-inclusive packages at very competitive prices.

Finally if you are travelling with a baby or a small child, the Seychelles, Florida or Thailand will offer you very pleasant moments of relaxation with your family in paradisiacal landscapes. A change of scenery guaranteed!

You are now ready to leave in January, all you have to do is book.

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