The Pachalegria project was born during the pandemic, when Martin and Said were confined to Mexico. You may already know Martin for his meditation books that invite us to awaken our inner Buddha. He and his partner fell in love with Zipolite, a village located along the only beach where naturism is allowed in the country. Located on the Pacific coast, the place is famous for surfing, but also for art and yoga. It is here that they decided to create a French-speaking spiritual retreat centre. A collective space to celebrate life and reconnect with oneself. Pacha is a contraction of pachamama, our mother earth, Alegria is a Spanish word that can be translated as happiness or ecstasy. Pachalegria, a name born from the combination of these two terms. This ecovillage aims to bring together people who want to take time out of their daily lives to give back a more balanced place to the human being, to live in harmony with nature, to develop authentic human relationships and to live a healthier life. Through his books, as well as his meditation workshops, Martin shares a teaching radiating positive energy. There will now be a place to deepen all of this and to practice yoga, meditation, humanistic and ecological aspirations. Pachalegria has resorted to participatory financing, so you too can take part in this magnificent project under the Mexican sun