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Sports and Leisure Peru : 41 Results

Practical information : Move & Laze around Peru

Budget & TipsBudget & Tips

The Peruvian Andes are obviously suitable for walking and hiking with an infinite number of possibilities, once the altitude is dominated. On the other hand, the paths are not marked, so it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the locals or to be accompanied by a guide for the more isolated hikes. Social networks host groups of local hikers who pay a yearly subscription to an association to organize group outings. The Cordillera Blanca is the scenario of incredible and very physical treks, but which can only be done with a guide and adapted equipment.

Lima is not to be outdone and the pandemic has generated a new generation of sportsmen and women who jog along the Malecón (the walk along the cliffs). You can also rent a bike or a surfboard on the beach.

Don't hesitate to join the salsa parties that are often proposed in Lima (Callao hosts excellent salsa groups)

What's very localWhat's very local

Peruvians are not very sporty by nature and do not have much free time to devote to it. Football remains a safe bet, especially in the working class areas. In the selva, many people like volleyball and play it very well. It is not uncommon to see nets being set up in the middle of the village streets in the late afternoon. On the coast there are also many surfers. In Miraflores or Barranco, it is not uncommon to come across sportsmen in full dress and surfboard on the head who go down or go up from the beach. Finally, the practice of traditional folkloric dances is often integrated into the school curriculum. It is not uncommon in small provincial towns to see small groups of teenagers rehearsing in the evening.

To be bookedTo be booked

It is essential to book the Camino Inca, the most famous trek in the Cusco region that arrives directly at the Sun Gate of Machu Picchu. There is a 4-day or a one-day version. Places are managed by certified agencies.

Main eventsMain events

Once again, Inti Raymi, which is more of an open-air spectacle, is a must every June 24 in Cusco.

Some pilgrimages that take place at altitude, such as the Qoyllur Riti, are almost as much sporting challenges as acts of faith. In this case, it is necessary to adapt well to the altitude, to have equipment (tents, sleeping bags) and to come several days in advance to join a local group

Tourist trapsTourist traps

It is important to check who you are dealing with and preferably not to pay everything in advance, as often everything that shines very brightly and cheaply is not gold.