Top 10 low cost destinations

Tight budget can rhyme with beautiful sunny destinations with heavenly beaches. There are indeed many places in the world where you can have a good time without spending too much money. In Europe, but also on other continents, you can enjoy the joys of being abroad, hearing a different language, tasting local cuisine and relaxing on beaches where the sun shines in abundance. Petit Futé gives you ideas to organize your future holidays. So ready to pack your bags? The following destinations are just waiting for you!

The Greek Islands

Attractive prices and many ingredients for a successful holiday: turquoise lagoons, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, hilltop villages, beautiful beaches... We love it! Especially since these 5,000 or so islets remain a very affordable destination. The Greek islands are paradise in Europe, the favourite destination for those who love the sun and all the pleasures of life. Naxos and its authentic villages, Amorgos and its steep cliffs, Sifnos which allows you to escape from mass tourism, the options are multiple and everyone is sure to experience a change of scenery at every moment


There is no doubt that Thailand has become a very popular tourist destination in Asia in recent years! The "land of smiles" combines a warm welcome, beautiful scenery and a limited budget, especially if you are staying (fed and bleached) in a Buddhist temple. In its main cities, lodging and eating via street food is not a big budget and in the country, a variety of experiences await visitors. Starting with the electrifying Bangkok and its markets, then continuing with the visit of some of the most beautiful temples such as Wat Rong Khun. In the southern islands, there are real lagoons waiting for swimmers, such as in Maya Bay


Numerous low-cost airlines serve this country, with its eastern heart and western soul. Turkey offers a wealth of riches, a land steeped in history, very ancient archaeological sites and cities with fascinating architecture, such as Istanbul. To spend pleasant moments at the beach, you will enjoy the sun of Antalya and the Turkish Saint-Tropez, Bodrum. In the national parks, there are beautiful landscapes and an exceptional architectural heritage just waiting to be observed and photographed: let's mention the Küre National Park and its mountains, south of the Black Sea, or the Göreme National Park and its many traces of Byzantine civilization

The Balearic Islands

Strolling and relaxing in the sun on one of the five islands of the archipelago (Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera, Cabrera and Ibiza) will delight all travellers. The Balearic Islands are full of contrasting beauty and charm. Whether you want to celebrate or just relax, there's something for travellers with different profiles. Mallorca unveils villages with picturesque alleys and heavenly coves. Menorca is a paradise for lovers of Mediterranean gastronomy, before taking a rest on the shores of a cove with crystal-clear waters. In Formentera, there are also lagoons that await sun and sea lovers. Renowned for its festive evenings, Ibiza also fulfils those who dream of communion with a bewitching nature. Finally for hiking, it is certain that the steep cliffs of Cabrera cannot leave anyone indifferent.


A destination in full expansion, go there quickly to take advantage of interesting rates! And with your eyes closed, because in the heel of the Boot, only the sweetness of life matters. It's ideal for tight budgets: low-cost flights to Bari, accommodation and succulent cuisine at modest prices... Puglia is a region of Italy far from lacking interest. Quite the opposite is true, because between its towns with picturesque alleys and a rich heritage such as Bari, Lecce and Ostuni, the white-stone houses built with lime and conical roofs of Alberobello and the bucolic hills of the Itria Valley, there is plenty to see. For moments at the beach, the seaside resorts of Gallipoli and Otranto and a road-trip on the Salento road are sure to reveal the most beautiful reflections of the sea


Among the cheapest countries in the European Union, Romania invites the traveller off the beaten track, where eating and sleeping is never expensive. In addition, the capital Bucharest offers a vibrant nightlife. The country is full of treasures to be discovered on a road trip, from the magnificent Transylvanian landscape and Bran Castle to the Danube Delta to be explored by boat or the splendid monasteries of Bucovina. The latter display architecture inspired by the Byzantine period and the exterior walls of some of them display sublime murals, priceless works of art. For a few moments at the beach, there's nothing like a detour to Tuzla beach and Navodari beach to forget everything and recharge your batteries.


Here is a summer destination that remains accessible, and where good deals are always blooming on the web. The cost of living there is particularly reasonable and many low-cost flights serve this country of contrasts. Portugal is a chance to go back in time by strolling through the picturesque streets of Porto, to discover Lisbon's rich heritage and to stop off in historic towns with a charm all their own. It's hard to resist the beauty of the fortified village of Óbidos and that of Monsanto, built on a steep mountainside. Hikers enjoy the contrasting landscapes of the Alentejo and the most beautiful beaches of the Algarve are a permanent invitation to enjoy the sun and the movements of the Atlantic Ocean.


At the gateway to the East, Bulgaria has many arguments for becoming a favourite destination. Think about it, apart from the very affordable prices, it is an invitation to a change of scenery with a preserved nature, UNESCO listed sites, fine sandy beaches, a quality hotel park and Sofia, a festive capital with a beautiful architectural heritage such as the Saint Alexander Nevski Cathedral. In Varna, the beautiful days offer the opportunity to relax by the Black Sea and spend some time shopping in the city centre. The Pirin National Park is one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the country and the hiking trails allow you to enjoy the scenery while crossing the path of many mammals

The Dominican Republic

Postcard landscapes, turquoise sea, superb beaches, sunshine all year round... make you dream? The Dominican Republic is a true tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean, within easy reach thanks to the numerous packages on the web (flight included) at very interesting prices. Santo Domingo, the capital, is one of the first cities fortified by the European colonists who arrived in America. It is very pleasant to stroll there and soak up its atmosphere. The 29 national parks are dream places to hike and enjoy the fauna, flora, caves and waterfalls. With 1,600 km of coastline, the island's most beautiful beaches await travellers, such as Punta Cana, considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world


Among the Maghreb countries, Tunisia is a favourite destination to enjoy a Mediterranean climate and a change of scenery for a reasonable budget. Explore this territory, a link between Europe and Africa, to enjoy crystal clear water, resplendent sunshine and heavenly beaches. A cheap trip to Tunisia is an opportunity to discover beautiful landscapes, from the Chott-el-Djérid salt lake to the oasis of Ksar-Ghilane, at the limit of the Sahara desert. The capital Tunis delights lovers of culture, the atmosphere of the souks and lively evenings. And to enjoy the large white sandy beaches and typical whitewashed houses, head for the popular Djerba!

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