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Top 10 des endroits dans le monde où nager avec des requins-baleines

Swimming in the company of the largest marine species is one of those life-changing experiences. The whale shark is the largest fish currently living on Earth, with a size that varies from 4 to 14 metres and can even exceptionally reach 20 metres! It is easily recognizable with its checkered livery. The advantage of this fish, which moves quite slowly in the water, is that it is completely harmless to humans. It also likes to swim in warm ...

10 pays pour un tour du monde des pays commençant par M

It's the dream of many of us: to sail around the world alone, in pairs or with friends, putting work and everyday life aside for a given period of time, and then setting sail to a multitude of destinations around the globe! A round-the-world trip is the perfect opportunity to see a multitude of landscapes, to travel through cities steeped in history, to hear different languages and to taste a varied gastronomy. Of course, there are some ...

Casa Babi, petite chambre d'hôtes et repaire de plongeurs au coeur du village de Vilankulo

The art of hospitality: at Casa Babi, it feels like home Right in the centre of Vilankulo, a short sandy distance from the central market, Sabrina and Denis have built a real cosy nest. "Casa Babi" is above all the art of hospitality, advice and kindness. Just like in a friend's home.A five-kilometre window overlooking the Indian Ocean, the coastal town offers one of the most beautiful views in the country. It is on this authentic strip of ...

Vasco de Gama, de l'Alentejo aux comptoirs indiens

At a time when our last trip is beginning to date and the next one is unfortunately no longer on the agenda, diving back into the adventures of the great explorers allows you to travel from your couch. After following in the footsteps of Marco Polo from Venice to the Far East, today we propose to follow Vasco de Gama on his journey on the seas between Portugal and India. This was an unprecedented adventure at the time, as he was the first to ...