Você esta a ouvir a música? Can you hear the music?

Come closer to this country, unknown to tourists... and you'll hear the music. You will discover astonishing landscapes, you will enjoy immense spaces and unexplored places, you will get to know its open-minded, friendly and smiling inhabitants.

For a little more than ten years, Angola has been making giant strides, rebuilding itself, building roads, airports, hotel infrastructures... Its devouring but endearing capital enjoys an exceptional location: overlooking the Bay of Luanda and its Ilha do Cabo, it reflects more than four centuries of Portuguese colonial history.

From the mythical and northern Congo River to the Kunene, which flows south into the Namibe Desert, Angola stretches along more than 1,600 km of Atlantic coast. On the other side of the river is the exclave province of Cabinda and its tropical forest, between the Atlantic Ocean and the two Congo.

Today Angola, a land of welcome and contrasts, awaits adventurous visitors, curious to discover one of the last African destinations to open up to tourism. Let yourself be tempted by this booming southern African region, still ignored by travellers but ready to welcome them.

Angola is waiting for you.

Boa viagem!

Dominique Verdugo

THANK YOU. Thank you to INFOTUR and MINHOTUR for their invitation letter and visa facilitation, thank you to all my formandos who made me love their country, thank you to all those who accompanied me in this long journey to discover Angola, thank you to all the others... and particularly to Sylviane Guillaume, Aires Walter dos Santos, Josep Puig, Javi Prieto Lasheras, Tiago Bobela Motta, Raymond Chaffort, VEA Vivre En Angola, Cândido Carneiro, Nuno Fortunato, Pedro Diaguenda, Eliseu Chiuca de Wako Kungo, Antonio Pereira d'Alto Hama, André Avelino dos Santos de Kuito, Julia Lopes de Mumbué, Joaquim M. Duque, João Baptista Gimi Sebastião (Gimi) from Menongue, Clemente Raúl JoãoFrancisco (Mendes) from Calai, Domingos Martinho Junior Ndala and his daughters for their unforgettable welcome to Dirico, Gabriel Hikimote de Cunene, Jinha Lopes de Lubango, Soraia Santos Ferreira, Amelia Camunheira de Namibe, Manuel Lua, Diamantino Fila de Malanje, Luís Simões de Soyo.

Last but not least my young adventure companion, Alba Fernandez.

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