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L'Europe et l'espace Schengen rouvrent les frontières à 14 pays

Since 1 July, France and the countries of the European Union have opened their borders to 14 countries around the world. Connections between these different countries can therefore resume and we now know that this figure could quickly change, since the list will be reviewed every 15 days. It could therefore be extended in the near future if health conditions permit. As the coronavirus crisis is still ongoing, Europe continues to close its ...

Kim, instagrameuse de voyage, vous raconte ses plus belles découvertes

Kim is followed by more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram Kim account. or A photographer by training, she posts superb photos around the world and has told us about her most beautiful travel experiences Your instagram account Kim.ou card with more than 110 000 followers, how did it all start? Kim: "Actually, I've always loved photography and I started 8 years ago on Instagram. At first for me it was a simple application to edit ...

Conseil de lecture : une épopée familiale haute en couleur

Who has never dreamed of following in the footsteps of his ancestors? To be the descendant of an extravagant and famous personality? In this illustrated novel, author Olivia Burton stages her own life, mixing autofiction, travel narrative and family novel. On the day of her father's funeral, Olivia learned that she was probably the descendant of a famous Sir Richard Francis Burton, English explorer, diplomat, spy and 19th century scholar. ...

Visa touristique unique : Kenya, Ouganda, Rwanda

During the last London Tourism Fair (WTM) in November 2013 (we were there!), Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda announced the introduction in January 2014 of a single tourist visa between these 3 countries, allowing free movement from one country to another. This visa, which has now been implemented, is valid for 90 days and costs $100. Each of these countries nevertheless keeps its own visa. We hope (it is planned) that this single visa will soon be ...