The Chad of the millennia fascinates, the Chad of today reveals itself gently to the rare travellers who venture there. The mythical Lake Chad never ceases to fascinate scientists trying to understand the evolution of this true inland sea. Paleontologists have eyes that sparkle when we talk about the Chadian desert. In 2001, they discovered Toumaï with its official name Sahelanthropus tchadensis. Current knowledge of human history therefore places the cradle of humanity in Chad! These lakes that dry up and are reborn, these sand dunes that form and deform, these mountains of all colours, this fauna and flora of inestimable richness... We would have liked the geopolitical upheavals to stop, for peace to take full root for a full and flourishing tourist discovery. Sudanese and Saharan landscapes, covered with caulcedrats, tamarind trees, acacias, covered with giraffes, gazelles and baboons, parade along the routes offering a striking spectacle. Precarious architecture, as among the nomads of the North, or sought-after architecture, as among the Moundang of the South, represents a real singularity. A trip to Chad is a return to the roots of all humanity.

Chadian dialectal Arabic is spoken from Tibesti to Sarh, from N'Djamena to Abéché. It is the only one of the country's 140 languages that linguistically unites Chad's 13 million or so people. Then they say in their hearts to the Djitandjite! traveller, which means "Good arrival ! "

The editorial team

Thank you. To the members of the Chadian Tourist Office, in particular Marabé Ngar-Odjilo, Haïkal Zakaria Djibrine and Madame Sailly in N'Djaména, Djimet Allafouza Boliké in Faya and Moussa Souleyman Djogoye in Sarh. To the team of the restaurant Le Carnivore and to the team of CEFOD, as well as to Bienvenue Allahrassem of African Parks, in N'Djaména. To the soldiers of Operation Barkhane in Faya and Mahamat Moussa Abakar, Prefect of the Biltine Department. In Ramadan Hamat of the Association for the Promotion of Fundamental Freedoms in Chad and Fabien Yodé in Abeche. To Sara Doumgué Yamadjita Mahmat, curator of the museum, and to Sanodji Yonbel Abiathar, director of the CALF, in Sarh. Thank you finally to all Chadians!

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