The tourism sector is particularly suited to seasonal work. Restaurants, hotels, outdoor accommodations, amusement parks, but also outdoor leisure providers. The high tourist season in France is the summer, to which are added, depending on the region, a few weeks in the spring and fall. Professionals then call upon many collaborators and particularly appreciate those who have adopted the status of auto-entrepreneur. What is this status? How to obtain this status?

Becoming an auto-entrepreneur is easy


you offered a position in tourism with the auto-entrepreneur status? No problem! You just need a few clicks in theEspace Auto-Entrepreneur

to become an auto-entrepreneur, registering for the Auto-Entrepreneur scheme online via a simplified form. Your file is checked and processed within 24 hours. You can respond to the job offer quickly and easily.

You make your invoices easily

Once hired, from the personal space you have created on the Espace Auto-Entrepreneur, you can manage your small business online, easily and efficiently, from your first client and for an unlimited number of clients. You can create and edit your invoices and quotes for each of your customers easily. Then, you have access to your dashboard which allows you to consult the unpaid invoices and to follow up the customers who have not yet made their payments. You have direct access to the monthly turnover of your business, to the evolution of your income, etc.

Simple management of your small businessFrom

your auto-entrepreneur space, you can manage your business, follow up on pending procedures, consult your schedule, store your documents, download your activity certificate, etc. No more lost papers! With your Espace Auto-Entrepreneur you can manage your business in all its facets. And if you have a problem, you can call 7 days a week to an expert who will be able to give you technical, administrative and even fiscal advice. No mistake, it's a guaranteed success for your auto-entreprise!

Understanding the status of auto-entrepreneurYou

can combine your status as a student, employee, civil servant, retiree or any other with that of auto-entrepreneur. This is a simplified form of business that allows you to create your own individual business. The micro-enterprise regime in 2022 makes it easier to create your own company than before, thanks to simplified administrative, fiscal and social procedures. This status is open to anyone over 18 years old and to emancipated minors residing in France. If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union, you need a residence permit. You should know that the auto-entrepreneur is subject to a simplified social regime which allows him to pay relatively low contributions. You can find all the information about this status on the Espace Auto-Entrepreneur