Don't take the risk of seeing your dream vacation turn into a nightmare, at least avoid the hassles in order to make the most of your stay abroad. Before leaving, have the right reflexes and prepare your trip as well as possible. It's best to be well informed, to plan ahead and to protect yourself. When you are abroad, you may have to withdraw cash. What impact will this have on your budget? How can you best anticipate your stay? How can you protect yourself from possible administrative hassles?

You have chosen your destination, your style of travel, whether you want to roam or go to a seaside resort, in the countryside or in a very touristy place, in high season or out of season... So many components to take into account to prepare your stay abroad in the most suitable way possible and to know beforehand valuable information on the conditions and characteristics of the country that will welcome you

Bank fees: choose a flexible bank

Did you know that it is possible to avoid withdrawal fees abroad with a bank card? Did you know that your bank card can include insurance and that you can change banks to benefit from these advantages? It may be time to choose a bank and payment methods that offer you the best advantages. Make your comparisons. And don't worry, changing banks even at the last minute before leaving is possible. Don't be deprived of a bank that plays the game of your choices, providing payment methods without extra costs when you travel, ensuring your banking operations when you are away, better still, carrying out all the necessary procedures with the desired organizations (EDF, telephone operator...) on your behalf. No need to contact them one by one!

Book everything you can in advance

To make your stay abroad easier and to leave with peace of mind, make your hotel, accommodation, car rental and luggage transfer reservations in advance. You can also buy a city pass on the Internet, a package for a few days for public transport. During the high tourist season, make reservations for entrance to the most visited sites, a seat at the opera, a popular activity. This way, you can be sure to do what you planned to do without running into an already full house, while benefiting from an appreciable queue break. Save time and get a discounted price

Make copies of your important documents

When you travel, when you lose a bag or have a bag stolen with documents, such as your driver's license, your ID card, your credit cards, in France it is a problem, abroad it is an even bigger problem! The best thing to do before you leave is to make duplicates, scans or photos with your smartphone of all your useful documents, your passport, your plane tickets, the list of your important phone numbers and other precious information (passwords, PIN code, etc.) stored in your phone or in your travel books, even your itinerary and reservations along it. Of course, you keep these duplicates in a safe place, hotel safe, double bottom of your rental van... Certainly not in a bag that could be lost or stolen!