Many companies have to organize events such as meetings, seminars, conferences and team building. Not to mention company parties, cocktail parties and other business meals. Since the crisis of Covid-19, which led many companies to put their staff in telecommuting, or even in short-time work, it is essential now that it is again possible to gather the teams to renew contacts, work on projects and find the dynamism of before. Whether companies need to bring together partners and customers to present or develop their business, or to organize a working time with employees or a seminar, it is important that teams do not waste too much time organizing these events. But how can you facilitate the organization and have access to the best venues throughout France? Here is the solution.

How to easily organize a corporate event?

Not all companies can organize their professional events in their premises, due to lack of space or equipment. However, companies still need to organize important events at certain times of the year such as work meetings, general assemblies or conferences. With teams that have drifted apart during the Covid-19 crisis, it is also important to reunite and re-motivate employees during a seminar, an incentive or a team building. Nevertheless, it is known that it is not always easy for the organizers to find the right place. Contacting various places, asking for several quotes, it takes a lot of time and energy. Yes, but how do you go about organizing a corporate event?

The solution is called Kactus, an online platform whose sole purpose is to make the organization of professional events simple, fast and efficient. The process could not be more intuitive. You select the city of your choice, the type of corporate event you want to organize, enter the dates and the number of people invited, and the best venues in each city appear. Each establishment is carefully detailed with the rooms and equipment available, the possible activities in the area as well as the different possible formulas: half-day or full-day meeting, dance party, seminar with accommodation and meals, etc. You can request as many quotes as you like in order to compare and validate once you have found the right venue and formula!

Note that if Kactus is a platform that facilitates the organization of corporate events online, the team is also available by phone or by chat to provide information and guide organizers.

Team building, seminar, incentive: change of region for a professional and fun time

The team building activity allows to reinforce the team cohesion and to motivate everyone around a common goal. Seminars allow you to motivate your employees by combining work time with moments of conviviality. Incentives are another good way to motivate employees, by offering a time of reward when the year's objectives have been reached.

In all cases, whether company managers are organizing a team building, seminar or incentive, when booking on Kactus, they should not hesitate to choose a location in France where activities are possible. Imagine, for example, working time interspersed with a half-day trip to an amusement park in the Rhône-Alpes region, a visit to a castle in the Centre-Val de Loire region or a ride on an electric scooter through the vineyards of Burgundy. Several regions in France offer multiple possibilities to professionals who come to work, release the pressure and strengthen ties.