Traveling with your car requires a certain number of checks beforehand. You have to check the condition of the tires, the brakes, the oil level, the headlights, etc. We don't always think about it, but another element is important to check before taking the road, it is the windshield. Especially if it has recently received an impact. You tell yourself that this impact is not too serious and that you can drive to your vacation destination with your cracked windshield? When should it be repaired or replaced?

Cracked windshield: beware of risks and legislation!

When the windshield is hit, the question often arises whether it should be replaced as soon as possible or whether it can wait. It is important to know that driving with a the windshield of your vehicle cracked windshield presents risks. First of all, when the crack is in the field of vision, there is a serious risk of accident. In addition, the crack can spread and thus disrupt the overall vision.

Another important point is to underline: driving with a cracked windshield is a violation of the Highway Code when its size is greater than 2.5 cm, when the crack is in the driver's field of vision and finally when the windshield has more than 2 impacts. On the way to your vacation, where the road is relatively long and therefore the risks of being controlled are more frequent, driving with a cracked windshield exposes the motorist to a fine.

Repair a cracked windshield before leaving to ensure the safety of all

You hesitate to change your cracked windshield before going on vacationare you hesitating to change your cracked windshield before you leave your car because you think that driving a lot increases the risk of an impact when you get there? Having your windshield repaired or changed before leaving on vacation is above all a reflex to take to ensure the safety of your passengers. When you have to see less well because the crack is in your field of vision or it spreads as you go along, you undoubtedly increase the risk of suffering a road accident.

Driving for long hours requires concentration and attention, so it's imperative to make driving safer by changing faulty parts like a cracked windshield. Just as it is totally inadvisable to drive away with worn brakes, slick tires or a suspicious noise in the engine, the windshield must also be fully operational for the best possible driving conditions.

How to repair a cracked windshield?

A crack can be repaired by injecting special resin that will harden and solidify. However, this option requires certain conditions (not being in the field of vision, smaller than a two-euro coin, less than 5 cm from the edge of the windshield, etc.). Although there are repair kits available, it is recommended to seek professional advice to determine whether the windshield is repairable or whether it should be replaced entirely. In any case, be sure to adopt the right reflexes on the road to limit the risk of impact. Also, keep a safe distance from other motorists on the road and use a cardboard box in winter or a sunshade in summer to avoid thermal shocks.