Walking around the cities of France, one notices that stores selling cannabidiol (CBD) products are popping up everywhere. One of the most common ways to consume it is to buy it in oil form. CBD oil is taken orally or sublingually. As you travel around the world, perhaps you've wondered if CBD oil is legal and available for over-the-counter sale in the country you want to reach? Let's take a look at the legalization of this product around the world.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol is one of the active substances found in hemp. But unlike THC, it does not have psychotropic properties. One of the most common ways to consume CBD is through CBD oil. It is designed by mixing plant-based oils with CBD crystals. To refine the taste, some manufacturers add terpenes to the composition.

The CBD oil can thus be absorbed by sublingual way or by mixing it with a liquid or a food.

CBD oil: what does the legislation in France say?

Since the appearance of CBD products on the market, the legislation is constantly evolving in France. At the last news, to walk in all legality with CBD oil in the pocket or other derived products as creams, candies and cereal bars, the rate of THC of the finished product must be equal to 0

What about the sale of CBD oil in Europe?

Travelers who want to travel around Europe and know what is the consumption and sale of CBD oil in different countries should find out about the legislation in force to avoid any problems.

According to a ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union dated November 19, 2020, CBD oil is not considered a narcotic product. It is therefore possible to move with it legally within the European Union. The ruling even states that its prohibition in one of the 28 countries of the Union constitutes an obstacle to free movement. States may nevertheless take decisions independently in order to protect public health and provided that it is necessary and proportionate.

CBD oil in the rest of the world: where is it authorized?

CBD consumers are well advised to find out about CBD legislation in countries outside of Europe, so as not to take any risks. To date, here is the information to know about the consumption of CBD oil on other continents

- In Asia, many countries do not have any legislation regarding CBD oil, with the exception of China and Japan, which allow it as long as they respect the THC level in force.

- In Latin America, there is no real authorization of consumption except in Uruguay and a little further in the Caribbean in Jamaica, where the consumption of CBD oil is legal.

- In North America, and more particularly in the United States, the authorization to consume CBD oil depends on the states, because it is the federal law that prevails. Here too, it is important to find out about the legal framework depending on the destination, as well as the maximum THC content authorized in the products. In Canada, CBD oil is perfectly legal.

- In Oceania, it is possible to buy and consume CBD oil in Australia and New Zealand.

- In Africa, only South Africa allows the consumption of CBD oil