Located at the front and rear of the car, shock absorbers are an essential part of the car's operation. Not only do they minimize the effects of bouncing, but they also help to absorb shocks and stabilize the car in turns and on bumpy roads. They also play a role in the efficiency of the braking and the good steering of the car. For all these reasons, as soon as you suspect that your shock absorbers are not working properly, they must be changed quickly. But how do you go about changing the shock absorbers on a car? Here are the different steps to follow

What are the signs of worn shocks?

You suspect that your car's shock absorbers are worn? Then it's time to type in shock absorber change estimate + the name of your city in your search engine to compare quotes and get an idea of the budget you should expect.

But by the way, how do you know that your car's shock absorbers are worn out? The following situations should alert you to the need to change them, knowing that unlike the battery or the starter, no light comes on to alert you to the wear of the shock absorbers:

Less comfortable ride: that is, you feel that the car is less stable, that it brakes less well and that it absorbs less well the passage of a pothole or a speed bump.

A loss of control of the car: you feel that the car is less controllable, that it is sensitive to gusts of wind or that the rear of the car deviates in the turns.

Unusual noise: you hear a grunt, squeak or knock when turning or slowing down

Oil in the shocks.

Premature tire wear: when the shocks are worn, the tires absorb the shocks and wear out faster

How to change the shock absorbers?

Are you a car mechanics enthusiast? Then maybe you can change your shocks yourself. In that case, here are the steps to follow to change your car's shocks:

Mount the car on a jack and then place the jackstands so you can work safely.

Remove the wheel from the axle with a torque wrench.

Loosen the shock absorber nut, remove the sway bar mounting bolt, then the strut clamp bolt to pry it off. Next, use a spring compressor to remove the shock absorber stop, along with the other two components, the spring and the protective boot.

Install the new shock absorber, taking care to replace all the parts: protective bellows, spring, stop, strut and stabilizer bar.

Reassemble the wheel, remove the stanchions and lower the car with the jack.

Good to know: a pair of shock absorbers should always be changed at the same time

The garage, a reliable and durable shock absorber change

You can't become a mechanic overnight. So to all those who do not have skills in car mechanics, immediately contact a garage to change the shock absorbers. Today, with the Internet, it is very convenient to get online quotes from several professionals in your area. All you have to do is compare the offers and choose the one that seems most advantageous to you

When to change the shock absorbers on the car?

The shock absorbers of a vehicle are changed every 80,000 km or so. However, it is quite possible that wear and tear can occur earlier. If you are in doubt, you should immediately get an estimate from a garage in order to get an appointment as soon as possible.

Driving with worn shocks is dangerous. The car absorbs less shock, it is more difficult to control and it can also affect braking.

One service per year at the garage is not too much to ensure that the shock absorbers and other parts of the vehicle are working properly

How to limit the wear of the shock absorbers?

There are a few driving techniques that can be adopted to avoid early wear and tear on your shocks. First, always remember to brake properly when driving over speed bumps and potholes. Secondly, try to drive smoothly, without jerking. Finally, especially if you don't have a suitable vehicle, avoid as much as possible driving on the complicated roads found in forests and in some rural areas.