As the vacations approach, leaving the house for several days or weeks can be stressful for many households. It is true that no one is safe from an intruder, a water leak or a fire. Rather than leaving with a sinking feeling and spending a not totally relaxed stay, there are some solutions to consider to secure the house and prevent any problem. Once these different elements are taken into account, and applied, there is no reason to leave with anxiety, the vacations will be under the sign of relaxation and pleasure.

Tidy up what could attract burglars in the garden

The first step is to put away anything in the garage that might attract burglars to the yard and garden. We are not talking about a few flower pots and plastic garden furniture, but the lawnmower and other maintenance tools, the second car, a motorcycle and bicycles. It is best to store everything in the garage, which is then closed with a suitable door. We opt for a garage door made in France and in aluminum, known to be solid. Rolling, sectional or swinging, the ideal is that it does not contain windows that let you see what is inside.

Close windows and shutters yes, but give the illusion that life is in full swing!

Of course the shutters must be closed at night, it is a basic safety measure. But when they are closed all day for several days, there is nothing like it to make burglars understand that the house is devoid of any human life. To simulate a presence when you are not there, you can start by asking a neighbor or friend to come by and open the shutters and close them again at night. It is indeed rare that we all leave at the same time and this will give the illusion that the house is always occupied. This might also be a good time to think about home-sitting! A nephew, a niece or a cousin who lives in an apartment might be happy to come and enjoy the house and the garden during the absence. He or she can also pick up the mail, water the plants, keep the mailbox from overflowing, and even take care of the animals. Two birds with one stone!

Install a home alarm

This is an option that more and more households are taking advantage of and it has proven itself. The installation of an alarm is very useful. It starts ringing when a door or a window opens, when a window breaks, but it can also detect movements. There are also alarms with remote monitoring which, in the event of an intrusion, send an alert to a team working on a platform. The person behind the screen can contact the police for an intervention at home as soon as possible. This type of alarm can also send alerts in case of water damage or fire. And we know to what extent these incidents have dramatic consequences.

Notify the gendarmerie of your departure on vacation

We don't necessarily think about it, but the "Opération Tranquillité Vacances" is a device that allows you to ask the gendarmerie or the police to watch your home during your vacations. The principle is simple, you fill out a form that you can easily find on the Internet and you give it to the gendarmerie or the police station closest to your home. Surveillance patrols will then schedule regular visits around the house to make sure that everything is fine and to dissuade malicious people.