Individuals who own a second home can choose to rent it out to cover maintenance costs, pay utilities and let others enjoy it when it is not occupied. However, before taking the plunge, there are several important elements to be aware of! They will allow the owners to make a success of their seasonal rental project and to make the property attractive to holidaymakers. Explanations.

Why and how to rent your second home?

The owners of a second home have to face different expenses. These include the upkeep of the house, monthly charges, the cost of local taxation and the repayment of monthly loan instalments. A good way for them to face these expenses is to put the property in seasonal rental. The advantage is not only financial, but it also allows people passing through to enjoy a comfortable home for their stay while keeping the place alive.

Before renting out a second home, a few steps must be taken. Renting out a second home involves declaring the property as a "furnished holiday home" to the relevant town hall, regardless of the annual rental period. This is a simple information communicated to the municipality. However, it should be noted that owners who forget to declare their property as a furnished tourist accommodation may be fined. Be careful also of the location of the accommodation, because in towns with more than 200,000 inhabitants and certain communes such as Aix-en-Provence, Annecy, Biarritz and Tours, an authorisation from the town hall is required in addition to the declaration.

Once the declaration is made (and the authorization provided by the town hall if necessary), it is time to prepare an advertisement for the rental of the property and to distribute it. To do this, the owners of a second home can go through a local real estate agency, an online booking site, but also contact the town hall and the tourist office. Of course, the advertisement must be appealing. Photos of the house, surface area, electric bike available, swimming pool, proximity to shops, many details make the difference.

How to make a second home attractive to future tenants?

There are different ways to make a second home attractive to tenants. And all these details should be present in the ad. To accommodate families and groups of friends, the house or apartment should be spacious and include a variety of sleeping accommodations, household appliances, a balcony, a terrace, a fireplace for winter fires, a garden and, in the best case, a swimming pool. The geographical location of the residence is also important. You have a better chance of renting when the property is located in a dynamic city, in the middle of a bucolic countryside, by the sea or in the mountains. Not forgetting the places of interest nearby, the possible walks or bike rides and other elements that contribute to the richness and specificity of the region (vineyards, beaches, regional nature park, etc.)

Seasonal tenants also attach a lot of importance to these facilities, which allow them to change their habits and make their stay even more pleasant. For example, it is advisable to provide Dutch electric bicycles so that you can leave your car behind and go shopping, take a walk or visit a cultural site. Amsterdam Air offers high quality Dutch bikes that are comfortable, strong and perfect for pedalling without getting tired. The personal spa is also available to make your stay a relaxing one. With regard to these special facilities, owners should regularly check the functionality of the bicycle batteries or the spa pump before renting. Seasonal renters who find malfunctioning equipment will be sure to comment on it!

Finally, the photos in the advertisement should be appealing. They should show a cosy, clean and neat interior, as well as the facilities and spaces that make the difference (hot tub, patio, etc.), without forgetting the exterior. The garden, the terrace, the greenery and the view if it is exceptional must absolutely appear to make you want to click and book.