Discover the advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone or with a tour operator depending on your plans and destination!

Some travellers prefer organised tours, while others feel more comfortable discovering a new destination on their own. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. But some situations may require choosing one over the other.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling alone?

The main advantage of travelling alone can be summed up in one word: freedom. When you plan your own trip, you can do pretty much what you want, get where you want, and move at your own pace. If you like to change your itinerary at the last minute and leave room for improvisation, or to be able to stay longer in a place because you feel good there, this freedom will be all the more precious to you. Following a group and having a pre-determined program imposed on you will almost always be a bad idea and will go against your expectations. Nevertheless, every rose has its thorns. And it is important to consider the disadvantages of travelling solo as well. Planning your trip always takes more time, with all the different bookings to make, and you won't have a tour operator or guide to turn to when things go wrong. Because you don't know your destination very well, you may also miss out on cultural nuggets or breathtaking scenery! On an organised trip (like those offered in the Leclerc Black Friday brochure), the guides are experts on each destination and will be sure to take you to the must-see and the unusual.

When to go on a package tour?

As we have seen with the advantages of travelling alone, the main disadvantage of organised trips is that you will not have as much freedom, even if free time is obviously provided by the vast majority of tour operators, when conditions allow it.

However, this option can be much better if your future holiday has the following particularities:

You are not familiar with the local language and customs. You may have always wanted to visit China or Russia, but are afraid you won't be able to make yourself understood. A local guide who is fluent in your native language may be the best way to enjoy this dream destination that is close to your heart.

Driving is not an option. If it's difficult for you to travel independently and get around (because you don't have your license or don't want to drive on the left side of the road), a tour package can make it easier for you to get from one place to another within the country.

You want to access specific sites or events. If you've always wanted to visit the Pyramids of Giza or walk the Great Wall of China, a tour operator can make it easier for you to get there. In some cases, these tours are only available to tour groups.

You are on a tight budget. Tour operators are also a great way to travel on a budget. If we take the example of Egypt, in addition to optimizing accessibility and safety, an organized trip will be much cheaper than a programmed stay alone. Count on several thousand euros in the second case, and less than 500 euros for a cruise on the Nile through an operator (price indicated in the Leclerc Black Friday brochure).

Meeting new people is your priority. For some travellers, making new friends to enjoy the holiday together is very important. An organised trip will make it easier for you to meet people who share this desire, and to make the long bus journeys or the meals on site more convivial!

Travelling should remain a pleasure! It's up to you to determine which configuration suits you best, depending on your current desires and the destination on your bucket list!