For a car owner, the question of the average cost of maintaining a used car per year is a logical concern. In fact, it's a perennial issue that can be difficult to answer clearly.

Whether it's a question of overhauls, technical inspections or simple component changes, there are a multitude of maintenance operations, each of which requires a specific fee.

In order to best estimate the budget required to guarantee the maintenance of your vehicle all year round and thus be able to go on holiday with peace of mind, here are all the details concerning the average maintenance cost of a second-hand car.

What are the main factors affecting the average annual maintenance cost of a used car?

In order to make a good estimate of the average annual maintenance cost of a used car, it is important to take certain factors into account.

These factors generally determine how often it is important to have your car serviced

. This, in turn, affects the cost of maintenance. The age of the vehicle

This is one of the first criteria to take into account when assessing the average annual maintenance cost of a used car. The older the vehicle, the more money it requires to maintain it.


For many cars, annual maintenance costs are generally proportional to the distance driven. Many dealerships do not hesitate to require preventive actions to be taken after a given mileage.

Maintenance history


way a car has been maintained in the past is also a crucial element that has a consequence on its annual maintenance cost


That's why it's essential to check the service history of every car before you buy it.

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to obtain the history of a vehicle on a site provided by the government.

Average used car maintenance costs per year: 7 different costs to consider

The average cost of maintaining a used car is around £1,600 per year. Several expenses contribute to this average cost. Each of these expenses is linked to a specific maintenance action.

In order to better understand this standard annual cost, here are the 7 main expenses that govern the average maintenance cost of a used car.

1 - The cost of changing filters

Each car has 3 different filters. These include the air filter, the particle filter and the oil filter. Changing all these filters costs between €25 and €50 per year.

However, it is important to bear in mind the frequency required to change each of these filters, i.e.:

once a year or every 10,000 km for the oil filter; every 60,000 km for the air filter; every 15,000 km on average for the particle filter. 2 - Oil change costs

In order to ensure that your vehicle's engine runs smoothly, oil changes are one of the compulsory operations to be carried out regularly. It must be carried out on average every 30,000 km and can cost between 40 and 150 € depending on the type of oil used.

3 - The cost of changing the brakes

Changing the brakes is one of the most important operations to be carried out when maintaining a used car. To carry out this operation, a budget of between 100 and 150 € is essential.

Vehicles with disc brakes are required to have this change every 30,000 km. Cars with drum brakes, on the other hand, must undergo the same operation after 90,000 km of driving.

4 - Air conditioning maintenance costs Today,

air conditioning is present in all cars. Its maintenance is therefore more than an obligation. To do this, you have to think about recharging your air conditioning at least once a year. And this requires a budget of at least €100.

5 - The cost of replacing the battery

Among the operations that come into play when estimating the average annual maintenance cost of a used car, battery replacement

is of prime importance.

It is indeed an action requiring a consequent investment of 150 to 400 €.

It should be

noted that this price can vary enormously depending on the make, power and several other parameters.

6 - The cost of changing tyres

In many cases, numerous constraints can lead to changing the tyres of a car. From simple punctures to major wear and tear to the 30,000 km mark, there are many opportunities.

Depending on the type of tyre chosen and the type of installation required, the budget for this service is between €300 and €1,200.

7 - The cost of changing shock absorbers

A car's shock absorbers do not really require maintenance. However, they should be replaced after 50,000 to 100,000 km of driving.

However, when it comes time to do this, you should be prepared to pay €400 to €1,000.

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provides some useful tips on how to maintain your car on a daily basis.

Average annual maintenance cost of a used car: What to remember?

It's important to remember that there are many factors that influence the budget for keeping a car in good condition. The explanations in this article should allow anyone to understand the true average cost of maintaining a used car per year