When you leave for a trip abroad with your car, you should carry out the necessary technical checks to ensure that you are driving safely and you should not forget all the useful papers, including your identity card, passport, visa and driving licence. There is another point that is not always taken into account, but which is nevertheless essential: the car insurance. Whether you're going on holiday, on a business trip or even for study, it's highly recommended that you check with your insurer to make sure you're covered. Taking to the road with the right car insurance and the right guarantees is in fact protecting others, and protecting yourself. Here is the main information to know about car insurance and travelling abroad.

Does car insurance in France cover us abroad?

Car insurance taken out in France covers drivers in all the countries listed on the back of the international car insurance card, more commonly known as the green card. These territories are those with which France has signed a multilateral guarantee agreement, i.e. the countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA), plus other states including Switzerland, Iceland, Croatia, Andorra, Great Britain, Norway and Liechtenstein. Please note that when crossing the borders of these countries, it is not necessary to show the green card. However, it must be shown to the customs authorities on arrival in Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, Russia, Iran, Israel, Albania, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In the territories listed on the green card and in the event of an accident, the motorist benefits from all the guarantees provided by his car insurance in France. It should be noted, however, that travellers who drive to countries whose names are crossed out on the back of the international motor insurance card must take out a rider to their motor insurance policy in order to be covered.

What kind of coverage should I buy to be protected?

When leaving abroad with your car, it is essential to take stock of the guarantees included in the car insurance contract, as well as the exclusions of guarantees. Indeed, driving abroad increases the risk of incidents, not to mention the fact that the Highway Code differs from one country to another. For people who have third party insurance, and therefore the minimum, driving abroad requires a request for an extension of guarantees in order to cover all the risks linked to the trip. The ideal is to leave with civil liability of course, but also with other guarantees such as theft, assistance to persons and vehicles. As far as personal insurance is concerned, you should make sure that you are covered for medical expenses and possible repatriation. For vehicle assistance, it is recommended to benefit from guarantees such as the loan of a vehicle in the event of an accident and for the time of repairs, as well as the repatriation of the car to the country of residence if necessary. Depending on the plan, personal and vehicle assistance may not exceed 90 days. For longer stays, motorists can inquire about long-term travel assistance

When planning a trip abroad with your car, you should take the opportunity to ask your insurer for an appointment. This is an opportunity to review the coverage included in the car insurance contract and which applies abroad. If the driver feels that he or she is not sufficiently covered, he or she can then find out about the formulas and endorsements that allow him or her to take the road protected.

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