Enjoying a stay in a top-of-the-range hotel in a major European city, spending a week in an all-inclusive package near a heavenly beach in Thailand... these trips make you dream and seem inaccessible? Well, they are not anymore since it is possible to turn to private sales of travel! On the internet, sites such as Showroomprivé Voyage allow people to offer the trip of their dreams, taking advantage of the same services as those offered by tour operators, but with discounts of up to 70%! With such great benefits, it's high time to start thinking about where to take your next vacation.

What are private sales of travel?

We've all heard of private sales at some point, especially in the clothing industry. Well, some may not know it, but this marketing process which consists in benefiting from a product or a service at a lower cost also affects the field of tourism and travel! Several sites now offer private sales of travel, and to take advantage of it, there is nothing easier. You just have to register on the website to become a member, and then you have access to all the offers. Be careful, the offers have a limited duration, so don't miss your chance.

One of the first advantages is that you don't have to go and search on different websites to find the best prices for plane tickets, hotel rooms, etc. or even worse, to queue up in agencies. Each offer is scrupulously detailed, you know at a glance what is included. Hotel nights with breakfast, full board, flight and airport transfer, everything is possible. In addition, a customer service is available to answer all questions concerning the trip, in the "Help" section of the site, but also by phone and email.

The other advantage, and not the least, are the rates which can be up to 70% cheaper. The private travel sites manage to negotiate prices that can be 20 to 50% lower than the discount prices that you can already benefit from on the internet. And beware, it is not because you pay less for the trip that the quality is not there. The hotels are carefully selected for the quality of their welcome and their services. With private sales of travel, it is even possible to afford a luxury trip. Finally, note that while it is always easier to get good rates in off-peak periods, there is nothing to stop you from getting a good deal in high season. It's as simple as logging on!

Trips for all desires

If becoming a member of a private sales travel site allows you to go on holiday while benefiting from preferential rates, we must also emphasize the wide variety of stays offered. On the one hand, it is possible to discover the largest and most beautiful cities in Europe, in Spain, Italy or even Croatia. This is an opportunity to marvel at the beauty of the heritage of these ancient cities. Looking for a sunny interlude while winter rages on the Old Continent? The private travel sale also allows you to take advantage of the milder temperatures in Egypt during a cruise on the Nile or to head for the most beautiful beaches in Bali. And let's not forget the possibility of enjoying the pleasures of staying in 4 or 5 star hotels. In Greece or Tunisia, what better way to unwind than to put your bags down in an elegantly decorated establishment equipped with a large swimming pool and a spa? It's up to everyone to keep a close eye on private travel sales, and not miss the chance to experience a magical moment just a few hours away from the airport or on the other side of the world.