With December approaching, it's high time to start thinking about the gifts we're going to give. But like every year, it is far from easy to find the ideal present, that is to say the one that will please while being original. A good tip to take into account to be sure not to make a mistake is to take stock of the passions of our family members and friends. If one of them is a true globetrotter, you'll see that there are plenty of ways to put a smile on their face when it comes time to unwrap the gifts under the tree. Here are a few gift ideas for our traveling loved ones.

A useful gift for the future trip

Perhaps in a recent discussion, a loved one has blurted out their future travel plans for 2022. This is therefore the opportunity to help them prepare their future trip. First of all, there are always a lot of nice books on the destination chosen by your traveler friend. In addition to learning a lot of interesting things about the country or the city concerned, the book allows you to identify the places that must be visited at all costs, the must-sees as well as the most unusual places. Among the Christmas gift ideas for men very useful to travelers, there are also those objects that facilitate the daily life during the stay. We think of the water bottle, the survival kit, the external charger and the inevitable Swiss Army knife. If you can also personalise it by engraving a message of your choice, it's even better and gives a unique and personal touch to the gift that the recipient will surely appreciate

Discover a particularly lively destination for Christmas

Many destinations in France put up their best Christmas decorations. They usually keep them up until the beginning of January and the festivities are always on. So to please your significant other or a close friend who loves to pack up and go on a getaway, why not take them to one of those destinations in France that offer a truly magical Christmas setting? This is inevitably one of the Christmas gift ideas that travellers are sure to love, especially if they don't know the city in question. You can plan to go between Christmas and New Year, or even celebrate the passage to the new year there! You book a room in a guesthouse, take the car or the train and go for an adventure.

Alsace is a region to visit absolutely at the time of the festivals. It is a destination not to be missed to plunge into the heart of Christmas traditions. Strasbourg is the capital of Christmas, and the city is splendid with its illuminations, its Christmas market which is the oldest and its smells of gingerbread and mulled wine which invade the streets. You can also take advantage of this to go down to Colmar. The city is also sublime at Christmas with its illuminated garlands that flood the facades of colorful houses and timber-framed. Another destination to consider is the city of Reims, in Champagne-Ardenne. Simply because its cathedral is one of the most beautiful in France, but also because it has a large Christmas market and any occasion is good at this time of year to drink the champagne produced in the vineyards of the region. Finally, if your loved one is a fan of the sun, you should head for Aix-en-Provence, not only to allow him or her to find a bit of blue sky, but also to discover together the beautiful history of Christmas cribs and santons while strolling from chalet to chalet on the market.